2018 Fayette County Baptist Camp Meeting

10/20/2018 - Saturday Night - Celebration Video
10/20/2018 - Saturday Night Tribute Video
10/21/2018Sunday SchoolBrother Brian McBride Dan In Danger
10/21/2018Sunday MorningThe McBrides Wash You Free of Every Sin
10/21/2018Sunday MorningThe McBrides The Potter Knows The Clay
10/21/2018Sunday MorningBrother Brian McBride Lasting Through Lifes Losses
10/21/2018Sunday NightPBBC Choir I Believe Hes Coming Back
10/21/2018Sunday NightThe McBrides These Are They
10/21/2018Sunday NightThe McBrides Two Coats
10/21/2018Sunday NightThe McBrides Ill Fly Away
10/21/2018Sunday NightThe McBrides The Rock Of My Soul
10/21/2018Sunday NightThe McBrides Swing Wide The Gate
10/21/2018Sunday NightBrother Brian McBride There Was One
10/22/2018Monday NightPBBC Choir Blessed Holy Rock Of Ages
10/22/2018Monday NightPBBC Choir I Saw The Light
10/22/2018Monday NightPBBC Choir While The Ages Roll
10/22/2018Monday NightThe McBrides Gods Been Good
10/22/2018Monday NightThe McBrides Even In The Valley God IS Good
10/22/2018Monday NightThe McBrides Between Me And The Storm
10/22/2018Monday NightAdalee Vance Jesus Keep Me Near The Cross
10/22/2018Monday NightBrother Marvin Mills Our Propitiation For Sin
10/22/2018Monday NightBrother Brian McBride At War With The Wolf
10/23/2018Tuesday NightAdalee Vance Through It All
10/23/2018Tuesday NightBrother Jerry Bloxton Is He The Prominent One
10/23/2018Tuesday NightPBBC Choir I Remember The Day
10/23/2018Tuesday NightPBBC Choir Its Different Now
10/23/2018Tuesday NightPBBC Choir Ive Got A Mansion
10/23/2018Tuesday NightThe McBrides These Are They
10/23/2018Tuesday NightThe McBrides Blessed Be The Name Of The Lord
10/23/2018Tuesday NightThe McBrides You Were There
10/23/2018Tuesday NightBrother Brian McBride Hands In The Life Of Joseph
10/24/2018Wednesday NightNew Prospect Choir The Glory Did Roll
10/24/2018Wednesday NightNew Prospect Choir What A Day That Will Be
10/24/2018Wednesday NightNew Prospect Choir I Feel Like Traveling On
10/24/2018Wednesday NightBrother Gary Williams Fishers Of Men or Keepers Of An Aquarium
10/24/2018Wednesday NightThe McBrides At The Crossing Of The Jordan
10/24/2018Wednesday NightThe McBrides No One Else
10/24/2018Wednesday NightThe McBrides My Heart Knows
10/24/2018Wednesday NightThe McBrides I Know My Lord Will Stand By Me
10/24/2018Wednesday NightBrother Brian McBride Broadening Our Borders
10/25/2018Thursday NightBrother Sam Haynes The Gifts Of God
10/25/2018Thursday NightStacy Young Thank You Lord For Your Blessings On Me
10/25/2018Thursday NightAdalee Vance & PBBC Choir The Old King James
10/25/2018Thursday NightPBBC Choir My Name Is Written There
10/25/2018Thursday NightPBBC Choir Blood Washed Band
10/25/2018Thursday NightThe McBrides Theres No Power In The Water
10/25/2018Thursday NightThe McBrides Bow The Knee
10/25/2018Thursday NightThe McBrides The Past Is A Promise
10/25/2018Thursday NightBrother John Smith Why I Love The Church
10/26/2018Friday NightThe McBrides The Walls Came Tumbling Down
10/26/2018Friday NightThe McBrides
Ill Fly Away
10/26/2018Friday NightThe McBrides
In The Sweet By And By
10/26/2018Friday NightThe McBrides
Old Country Church
10/26/2018Friday NightThe McBrides
Leaning On The Everlasting Arms
10/26/2018Friday NightThe McBrides
Brethren We Have Met To Worship
10/26/2018Friday NightBrother John Smith Let The Church Be The Church

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