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What Seek Ye?

Sunday Morning Service 10/09/22 – Pastor Eric Davis

John, chapter number one. Let’s turn there. I appreciate you all, appreciate you all testifying to the Lord’s goodness. Maybe down just a little bit. It’s pretty loud up here. It’s good for us to gather together, not just seeing praises under God, but tell one another how good God’s been. And it helps me. I’m not the only one talking all the time. You get tired of it. I get tired of hearing myself talk all the time. We’re all lifting up the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ together. Amen. So what a blessing. All that God’s done, all that God’s born to do. We’re looking forward to what God has in store. John, chapter number one. And verse number one. And there’s many things we need to pray about. I do continue to pray about Sister Terry and Miss Rachel. Especially that Sister Rachel’s. The fluid would quit leaking. I don’t know all the ins and outs of that, but just that’s the specific prayer request. Right now she really needs the fluids to stop leaking. And Tina, pray for her, okay? And pray for the other needs of the church. Pray for camp meeting as well. Have it on the corner. And I believe we need that extra shot in the arm and I’m excited for it. I can’t wait. I hope you clear your schedule, make time to be here all week if possible. If not, go back and listen to it, listen to it again, but pray that God would help us that week, okay? And I’m going to ask Brett again if you’re standing and pray for the message this morning and pray for camp meeting too, please. Thank you. John, chapter number one. Verse in the beginning was the Word and the word was with God and the word was God. The same was in the beginning with God. Well, of course we’re talking about our Lord. And say to Jesus Christ, because in verse number 14 it says, and the word was made flesh. Well, who is that? That is Jesus Christ, God the Son and dwelt among us. We behead his glory. The glory is of the only begotten of the Father, full of grace and truth. Turn back into verse number three. All things were made by Him or without him, as not anything made that was made in him was life, and the light was the light of men. And the light shot is in darkness, and the darkness comprehended it not. Think about this before you were saved. You were just like that. The light showed in the gospel of Jesus Christ Others were trying to tell you about the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, but you didn’t understand it, that there had to be a time when the Holy Spirit illuminated your heart and soul and mind with the Gospel message and made it clear to you. How many times have you heard the gospel before you were saved? And none of it made sense. None of it didn’t convict you or it didn’t make effect yet god had to do that. Now, the gospel of John the human penman is the apostle John. And it’s interesting he never mentions himself by name in this book does mention by name the Lord Jesus Christ. W evals that he mentions by name, but preeminently the one that he’s writing about under inspiration of the Spirit of God is the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. He does mention a man named John. Verse number six. There was a man sent from God whose name was John. That’s referring to a different John, John the Baptist. And many of you students of the Bible, you know that already, just so we’re clear. And that used to confuse me when I was young. I don’t know remember if dad remembers me asking about that. But how John? There was different johns. Anyway, that’s who we’re talking about. Okay, verse number seven. The same came for a witness, John the Baptist, to bear witness of the light. That all been through him might believe he was not that light, but was sent to bear witness of that light. You see how carefully God directs the Apostle John to make sure that people know that John the Baptist was not the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. He repeats himself. Why? Because he’s lifting up the Savior. So you and I should do always is lift up the Lord in our lives. Let’s jump down to verse number 29. The next day, John seeth Jesus coming unto him and saith, behold the Lamb of God which taketh away the sin of the world. This is he of whom I said, after me cometh a man which is preferred before me, for he was before me. You realized, humanly speaking, john the Baptist was six months older than the Lord Jesus Christ. Humanly speaking. But we just read in verse one in the beginning was the Word. Word is with God, and the word was God. Jesus has always been God the Father, god the Son of God, the Holy Spirit. There has been no beginning for Jesus Christ. He’s always been God. He always will be God. But humanly speaking, when he came down to Earth, was born of a virgin, took upon him the roams of flesh sweeping bound across from our sins. He’s six months younger than John the Baptist. Yet John the Baptist said, he is before me. He’s always been. He’s before me in age, in existence. He’s before me in preference. He’s before me in honor. He’s before me in every way possible. He says, I’m not even worthy to use the shoe ratchet of my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. What a man, what an example of John the Baptist is to us. He says, and I knew him not, but that he should be made manifest Israel, therefore am I come to baptizing with water. And John bear record saying, I saw the Spirit descending from heaven like a dove and a boat upon him. And I knew him not. But he has sent me to baptize the swallow the same sinner to me upon whom thou shalt see the Spirit descending and remaining on him the same as he which baptizes with the Holy Ghost. And I saw and bear record that this is the Son of God. Now, verse number 35 again, just so we know who we’re talking about. The next day, after John stood and two of his disciples and looking upon Jesus as he walked, he said, Behold the Lamb of God. And that is a message in itself. Why he chose to label the Lord as that title because he’s the Lamb slam from the foundation the world to take away the sins of the world, the Lamb of God. And the two disciples heard him speak and they followed Jesus. Then Jesus turned and saw him follow and save unto them. This is the title of the message this morning. What seek ye? They said unto them, Rabbi, which is to say, being interpreted, master, where dwellest thou? He saith unto them, Come and see. They came and saw where he drelt and abode with him that day. For it was about the 10th hour. One of the two which heard John speak and followed him was Andrew Simon, Peter’s brother. He first founded his own brother Simon and safe in the and we have found the Messiah which is being interpreted to Christ. And he brought him to Jesus. And when Jesus beheaded him, he said thou, Simon, the son of Jonah, that shall be called seepas, which is by interpretation of stone. So set this stage. We have two disciples, followers, learners of John the Baptist, watching John the Baptist preach. John the Baptist job was to prepare the way for the Lord to reveal himself. John the Baptist was doing what he was supposed to be doing. He’s out preaching the rivers. He’s baptizing people that come to him in the river Jordan. And he’s preaching to them that they need to repent and turn from their sins. And the two disciples that were following John the Baptist, they turn and look at John’s command, at John the Baptist commanded, where he says, behold the name of God. These two disciples leave their teacher, John the Baptist, and follow Jesus Christ. One of them is identified. One of them is named Andrew. And we don’t know a whole lot about Andrew. We know a whole lot about his brother Peter. Andrew finds Peter and tells him hey, we have found the Messiah. I believe that second other disciple and I’ve read after several men who believe the same thing. That second disciple who remains unnamed is the apostle John. If we would clear our minds long enough this morning to consider what we’re seeking and have a thorough search of heart I know we don’t want to do that on Sunday mornings, right? We’re really retired. But we’re seeking for peace for our souls. Listen, if you know Jesus as your Savior, you found the fountain. You found the fountainhead. You found the Savior that sues the troubled soul. A refuge from life’s troubles. You are. People are seeking, people are looking for an enduring love. Somebody that will love them through all ages and won’t stop loving them. You can find that in Jesus Christ. Looking for truth? It’s hard to find truth in today’s world. You can’t find it much on the news channels. You can’t find it in the newspaper. You can’t even find it on Twitter. I know, go figure. You can’t find it on Facebook. But probably 80% of the vile posts on Facebook are probably all fake news, all made up stories. That’s a made up statistic. I don’t quit beyond that. But I tell you, most of the things that you read on Facebook, you have to just stop and say yes. What am I reading? It’s hard to find truth. You want truth to Jesus Christ. Jesus embodies truth. He gives us truth. So what are you looking for? What are you looking for? The only answer that satisfies is Jesus Christ. See, the ones wanting to know from these disciples and from us, what is it you’re looking for? Do you know what you’re looking for? You’re not going to know that you found the answer if you don’t know yet what you need. So what is it that you need? They respond and say, first I have to ask the question. But think about the person behind the question. It’s not a question when Jesus asks the question, do you think he knows the answer already? He does, don’t. He already knows. It is for our information, for our strengthening, for our help. He wants them to clarify, to get in their minds what they’re needing or what they’re wanting. He also is able to meet that need. See, when we ask you come to me and ask me for help, I may not be able to help you. You come and ask me for a million bucks, I guarantee you I can’t help you. You come and ask me for $20 right now, I can’t help you in my wallet. There is no $20 bill. I don’t carry much cash for me anyway, so that’s not going to help you. But I do have plastic, and we can charge it. But you go to Jesus Christ, he is able to meet every need that you may have, any need that you may have. His ability to meet that need, his character. He cares for you. He cares for me. The promise behind the question. He will supply our need. And over and over and over again, how many of you could testify, he’s met my needs. God has met our needs. So what are you looking for? What seeky? Jesus asked that another time, in another situation, and he said, Whom seek? He remember in the garden when the Pharisees and the religious were coming after him to arrest him? He said, whom seek he. And he said, Jesus of Nazareth. He said he said, Behold, I am he and they fell backwards. They weren’t ready for the answer to what they were expecting, but the power of his word, the power was this they fell backwards. And he asked him again, whom seek you? They thought they really didn’t understand what they were who they were looking for and what they were doing. But it matters. What are you looking for? What are you looking for? What are you trying to get out of life? Think about it. Do you have a goal in life? Do you have an aim in life? If it’s anything other than the Lord Jesus Christ, you’re going to fall short and be disappointed. Not going to help the family that you’re trying to help. But the disciples replied, look at him. He said, Master or a rabbi? Which is being interpreted master. Live dwellers. Now where do you live? See, a couple of things to note in their reply. He said rabbi master. That means they’re implying I want you to teach me. I recognize our former teacher said that you’re the name of God who takes away the sin of the world. We are submitting to your instruction, said, but we don’t have to do it today. We want to come back at a more convenient time. Whatever is convenient for you. We want to come together, spend time with you. Where do you drill a I just wonder if they might have been a little bit shy, a little bit backwards and didn’t know exactly how to frame what they’re asking you what Jesus said. But they were inquiring. They were in. They wanted more communion with the Lord. Verse number 39 he Satan to them, come and see. He didn’t say. It’s not very good for me. How about we do it next week? Or how about we do it tomorrow? I live down the road. He said, Why don’t you come with me? You know what the Lord’s invitation is to each and every one of us, whether you know the Lord. He said, come, he said, come unto me. Argument labor the heavenly, I will give you rest. Take my Eucal pony and learn of me from meek and lily and hard. You shall find a rest unto your souls. He says unto them, come and see. Verse number 39. That’s an open invitation. It’s an immediate invitation. You come now, not tomorrow. That next, not next week. Listen, if the Lord is inviting you, it’s good to respond right now. Right then, immediately. Come now, saith the Lord. Let us reason together. They will send to be a scarlet. They shall be white as snow. They be red like crimson. They should be white as snow. It’s a personal invitation. He said, you come, you come. You disciples are going to come. I said, Well, I’m not really looking for you too. I was hoping to kind of John the Baptist, your teacher, would come once you would get him to come. He said, no, you’re here, you come. Listen, the invitation is open to any and all who will come unto Jesus Christ. Jesus takes a death for every man. You believe that? I believe that. The Bible says it every man, women will. And there’s an open invitation to come. The invitation is personal, but take Him up with it now. Come now, saith the Lord. It’s a personal call, a distinct call to come. Now look what they did. Look what the response was. They said, they came and saw where he dwelt and then they went home. Is that what it says? No, it says, they came and saw where he dwelled in a bird with Him that day. So it was about the 10th hour. They stayed as long as they could possibly stay with the Lord. It’s not just about getting in, getting a fire escape from hell. Although that is probably the majority of reasons why we got saved. Most of us probably got saved to get an escape from hell. I think that’s why I got saved. And then when I got saved, I realized the Lord gave me so much more than just an escape from hell. He’s with me from day to day today and all the troubles I go through. He’s a constant companion, a faithful friend. No one speaks closer than the Lord Jesus Christ and he’s given me so much more than I thought possible. They found what they were looking for. They decided to stay. They dwelled with him. They stayed as long as possible. You what God wants from us. He wants us not just to come to church on Sunday morning, not just to come to church on Sunday night or Wednesday night, but to walk with Him on a daily basis, day in and day out. Starts with divorce and thanking God for what he said. That was a great challenge gave us this morning. Just start thanking him. You’re not going to get done and you got to go to work somehow. So maybe limited to 510, 1520 things, whatever it may be, but just take, Lord. Thank You, Lord, for this, for this, for this, and walk with Him throughout the day. We bring those things back to mine throughout the day. Lord, thank you for saving my soul. Thank you for my family. Thank you for my home. Thank you for my church. Thank you for my full preacher. Lord, help him, he needs help. Thank you for Your salvation and for the blessings that come to salvation. Thank you for this workplace that I get to come to on Monday morning and how excited I am. Thank you for yours. Amen. Psalm 27 eight says, when now says, Seek in my face my heart said Unto these I face lord, when I seek you know what these disciples had that God wants us to have? A ready heart. When Jesus, God in flesh said Come and see, you know what these disciples did? They came and they saw jesus invites all of us to come and see what you say. It doesn’t stop there. You can drill and walk with the Lord. Aren’t you thankful for his abiding presence? It doesn’t stop. It continues day after day after day. He leaves us with an everlasting love. They came to Saul and abode with him that day for his about the 10th hour. Not only did they find what they were looking for, but they shared what they found with others. Andrew simon Peters. Brother 141. He first foundeth his own brother Simon and save unto him we have found the Messiah, which is being interpreted to Christ. It’s interesting. Verse 43 through 46 following Jesus goes forth unto him and find the phrase of Satan to him. Follow me now, faithful city of angel Peter Philip. findeth the thinger of Saith in the embryo. Found him who knows him. The law, the promise did write Jesus’name was the son of Joseph. You know what Philip said? We found the messiah. Well, wait a minute. Who found who? We always say, I found the Lord. I know what you mean by that, but who found you? Jesus found Philip. Jesus knew these disciples were coming before they came. He knows where you are, so you’ve been looking for. I guarantee you he’s already looking your direction. And he’s listening with an open air, ready to meet those needs that you have ready to hear that broken heart that you have ready to save your soul. And he brought him. Verse 42 andrew brought Peter, brought his brother to Jesus. If God saved your soul, set your feet on a solid rock, establish your voice and give a new song in your heart, he wants you to share that with somebody else. That’s why we are here. What God has done for us, let’s not keep to ourselves. I don’t know how long it was until the Apostle John wrote these words down. I believe this is him personally recalling his first encounter with the Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. He’s two disciples, angels name the other one’s not named. Reason for that, whether it’s 2030, 40, 50 years down the road, whatever it was, you remember the time when you first met the Lord. Think back. Those memories may not be as vivid now. They were the apostle. John. You know, John refers to himself in several different ways in this book, but never has his name. He says in one of places he says one of his disciples whom Jesus loved. It seems like an awful lot of words to use. He could have said John, one of his disciples whom Jesus loved. Sons of Zebrity. He could have said me and my brother, the disciple whom Jesus loved. Another place. He said. When Peter went into the grave, he said, and that other disciple but John was doing, said, I’ve already met the one that matters the most. It doesn’t matter about me. I’m nothing, but he’s everything. His teacher, John the Baptist, said he must increase and I must decrease. He said, let’s lift him up. If I be lifted up, then I will draw all men unto me. You are that’s found in the Book of John caught a hold of something. That’s what God will say. This morning, you and I that are saved need to remember what God has brought us from what God’s done for us. And it’s not done. It’s not over. God’s still working in our lives. We were testament to the fact this morning how God’s still working. Even in the trials, even in the troubles that we’re going through, god’s still faithful. God is still present. Our sister over here. What God has done for over the past ten years. What God has done for you in the past 1015, 20 years. God’s not done. He’s still working. He’s still working. What’s seeking? What are you looking for? Who are you living for? You may live for your spouse, but your life is not going to reach the satisfaction as if you lived for the Lord. You may live for your children, but it’s not going to reach the satisfaction. It’s not going to fill the longing of your soul. It’s going to be less than what God designed for your life. Seek ye first the kingdom of God and all these things shall be added to you. Listen, it’s not wrong to it to love your wife. You should love your wife or your husband, if you’re a lady. You should love your children. You should love your families to support them and help them and provide for them. But put the word first. These disciples were introduced to the Savior. They never were the same again. It’s no wonder when Jesus walked by the sea one day and he looked and he saw Peter and John in the boat and they were fishing and he said, Follow me. They dropped everything and they followed him because John in his heart and Peter too, had already a peter and Andrew and James and John were in a boat, were mending their nets. That’s what it was. Both were fishermen. They were busy about their occupation. One group was fishing. One group was meeting in this. But both groups all filled and dropped everything in a moment’s notice and followed Jesus. You know why they did that? They had made up in their heart already their decision to follow the Lord. They’re listening. Whatever the cost may be, whatever the destination may be. Because I found what my soul longs for. Have you found what your soul longs for? Are you saved? Sunday morning, the Sunday morning crowd in church, we ask you do you know you’re saved? Do you know when you’re in heaven, have you found what you’re longing for? If you’re saved, why on earth would you leave the greatest person that you could ever meet and ever have fellowship with and leave that and grow off away from God’s house, from God’s people and never step foot in the house of God again? Not open your Bible the rest of the week, not spend time with him this week you’ve met the greatest one to ever live and never again or not spend time with Him like you should this week. How can we do that? We shouldn’t be able to do that. Verse number 41 he first spotted his own Assamin and saved him with found the Messiah. And verse 42 and he brought him to Jesus. Andrew isn’t done bringing people to Jesus. Neither is Peter. God does great things with them. But first you’ve got to answer the call to be with the Lord. I’m going to ask you here in a moment if you know what you’re saved when you’re in heaven, I want you to consider your heart. If you know the truth, you’re saved. When you’re in heaven, I’m going to ask you to raise your hand in a moment. I’ll let you have it in a moment. Then I’m going to ask you to consider not just that, answering that call. The Christian life is more than just salvation. Many of us don’t get past that salvation. Lord, what else do you want me to do? Our gospel track thing in the back is full of four tracks. Take some, pass them out. This week. There are people that you work with, people that you know. Tell them what God has done for you. Let them know God is good. He’s still on the throne. I know the world is going crazy, but my hope is not in the world. It’s in our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, who’s coming again. And that’s that’s what we’re looking for.

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