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What More Shall Be Said (p1)- Mark Davis

Camp Meeting Sunday School 10/23/22 – Brother Mark Davis

What More Shall Be Said (p2)What More Shall Be Said (p3)

Hebrews, chapter number eleven, and if you would begin reading with me there in verse number 32, the Bible says and what shall I say? What shall I more say? For the time would fail me to tell. Of Gideon and of Bear, of Samson, Jeph of David also, and Samuel, one of the prophets, who through faith subdued kingdoms, wrought righteousness, obtained promises, stopped the mouths of lions, quenched the violence of fire, escaped the edge of the sword, out of weakness were made strong, waxed valiant in fight, turned to flight the armies of the aliens, women received their dead, raised to life again. And others were tortured, not accepting deliverance that they might obtain a better resurrection. And others had trial of cruel mockings and scourgings yay, moreover, of bonds and imprisonment. They were stoned, they were song, asunder were tempted, were slain with the sword. They wandered about in sheepskins and goatskins, being destitute, afflicted, tormented, of whom the world was not worthy. They wandered in deserts and in mountains, and in dens and caves of the earth. And these all, having obtained a good report through faith, received not the promise. God, having provided some better thing for us that day without us, should not be made perfect. What a tremendous pastor scripture. I was telling pastor Friday night, after men’s get together, I I said said I feel fairly confident that we’ll not get through verse number 32. I read all eight verses. I feel confident it may take us five or six weeks to get through this pastor Scripture. There’s so much here and I don’t want us to miss anything. I want what the Lord wants for us. I know what I stand in need of, and I know what the Lord spoke to my heart. And I hope and pray that through this lesson this morning, the Lord will give you something that will help you. I can promise you this this morning, that if we open our hearts, the word of God will speak to us and the word of God will help us. Amen. It will encourage us. This passage of Scripture here in verses 32 through verses 40, in many ways is like the grand finale of faith, if you will. It’s like at the end of the fireworks, the big bang, amen. It’s kind of like the big explosion. It just tells us so much here in this passage of Scripture, and reveals to who God is in this pastor of Scripture. It’s almost as if the heavens are opening and God is revealing that through the ages of time he has met the needs of his people. And let me reassure you this morning, if God has met the needs of his people through Hebrews eleven, verses 32, through verses 40, god will meet your needs, god will take care of you. Amen. God will provide for you, god will be there for you. God will never leave you, nor forsake you. God wants us to know that all of our trials I want you to listen this is morning. All of our trials, all our tribulations, all of our sicknesses, all of our diseases, all of our heartaches, all of our problems, all of our distresses are not new to Him. They may be new to us. It may be something that we’ve not experienced before. It may be something we’re going through that we thought we’d never go through before. But let me assure you this morning, it’s not a surprise to God. Let me assure you this morning that your today and your future is in his past. He’s seen all of it. He knows all of it. And believe it or not, he’s in control of all of it. Amen. May seem like your life’s in a whirlwind, but let me reassure you, when God is in control of it, I want you to remember this. Don’t think for a minute that our great God in heaven does not know what’s going on in your life. You’re here this morning or listening by way of livestream. And there’s whirlwinds going on your life. There’s things going on your life that’s got you concerned, that’s got you feeling like you don’t know what tomorrow is going to bring or what today is going to happen today and why things have gone on the way they have in your past. Let me assure you that you’re right in the middle of where God wants you to be. God’s going to take care of you. Amen. He’ll never leave you, nor forsake you. Before my feet were able to walk across the room, god knew my future. Before I know what steps I am to take, he’s already seen those steps. He already knows. Nothing catches him by surprise. Truly, I believe as if he is saying that if we put our faith and trust in it, he can and will do the same things for you and me that we find in this passage of scripture. You see, I’m not facing a wall of Jericho like we read about a week before last. I’m not facing a life of uncertainty like rehab that we read about last week. I’m not facing a Red Sea that needs parted, but some are. And that same God that part of the Red Sea is the same God you serve today. That same God that dropped the walls of Jericho flat is the same God you served today. He’s not lost one. I owed a strength. Amen. He’s the same yesterday, today and forever. He’ll never change. Amen. This pastor scripture reminds us this morning that the same God that did do those great things for these saints of old will do the same great things for us if we’ll just put our trust and our confidence in Him. The Bible says there in verse 32 notice that verse. It says, and what shall I more say? And I’d like to report to you after this study we’ve gone through here in the Book of Hebrews, chapter eleven what more can God say? What more can he do? You’ve seen the miracles. We’ve walked through them week after week after week. Here in Hebrews, chapter eleven we’ve seen God do great things. Amen. That’s the same God we serve today. It’s the same god. He’s not changed. What more, we see the definition of faith. In Hebrews, chapter eleven, verse one. The Bible says now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen. We see in verse number six the purpose of faith. Without faith, it is impossible to please him. For he that cometh to God must believe that he is and that is a rewarder of them that diligently seek him. We’ve seen great examples of faith here in Hebrews, chapter eleven. We’ve seen back in verse number four that by faith Abel offered unto God a more excellent sacrifice. We see that Enoch was translated. We see by faith the elders obtained a good report. By faith, Noah moved with fear and prepared an art for the savage of his house. We’ve seen great things in the book of Hebrews. We’ve seen God do great things. And we stand amazed, don’t we, how great our God is? But there’s one thing I think that we fail to remember and realize is that’s the same God we serve today that’s the same God we serve today. God can still part the waters. God can still bring down the walls. God can still move mountains. God can still do great things. Amen. Our God is still as great today as he was back then. Do you think there’s any difference between Moses and me other than he’d probably more handsome? Amen. Do you think there’s any difference between me and Abel? Do you think there’s any difference? We’re all human. We’re all flesh of flesh. Amen. Are God’s still the same? I think what happens over, especially in today’s generation we tend to just we see so much stuff on the television, we read so much in the paper, we see so much on the Internet that we get a little bit dumbed down, if you will, as to what God can do. I like to report to you that God that Abraham served that God that Moses served, that God that Joseph served is the same God I serve today. By faith, Abraham was called and obeyed and went out not knowing where he was going. By faith he sojourned into land of promise. By faith he dwelt in tabernacles looking for a city whose builder and makers God. Through faith, Sarah received strength to conceive at an older age. God did that. God did that. By faith, Moses parents hid him and were not afraid. By faith, Moses forsook Egypt and chose rather to suffer affliction with the people of God. By faith, Moses esteemed the reproach of Christ greater riches than the treasures in Egypt. By faith. He forsook Egypt. The Bible tells us, by faith they passed through the Red Sea on Dryer, and by faith the walls of Jericho fell down. By faith the harlot rehab parish not so what shall we say? More. Amen. And that’s what he says here. He says in verse 32, what shall I s more say? What else can I tell you? How else how great is our God? What else can he do? He said, Brother Mark, that sounds like you’re excited about. I am excited about. You know why? Because God can do anything. Anything. God can do anything but fail for the time would fail to mention all that God has done through his saints when they put their faith and trust in Him. What can faith do? What can faith do? Well, faith will cause you to be faithful to God above all others when others choose to go another way, like Cain did with Abel. Cain said, I’ll bring my own sacrifice. Abel said, I’m going to give the sacrifice to be pleasing to God. That’s what faith will do. Faith will cause you to go a separate way apart from everybody else. When the world says, this is the way we’re going, you walk by faith. I’m going to follow the Lord. Faith will keep you faithful, just like any who walked with God. And then God translated him and took him home. Faith will give others a good report. You remember how we talked about with Noah and the Enig and Methuselah and how they weren’t that far removed from Adam and how that testimony of faith was the testimony of faith that Noah had that gave him the confidence in God. I’m going to trust God. He’s telling me to build an ark that’s never been built. He’s telling me there’s a rain coming. I’ve never seen a drop of rain. That’s faith. Amen. What can faith do for you? Look at what faith has done for Noah, what faith has done for Abel. Then you look at Enig and you look also at faith. Like we said, with no. Faith will cause you to build an art to the same your house. Faith will cause you to pick up and take your family to head and direction where you have no idea where you’re going or what tomorrow will hold. But faith will cause you to put your trust in a living God and trust Him. I don’t know. We’ll say there’s 35 or 40 people in here this morning. I have encountered I have no idea. But I know this there’s 35 or 40 different paths in this church I was this morning. And I know that none of us know what tomorrow holds. We don’t even know what the next hour holds. We don’t even know what the next minute holds. Our heartbeat, our lungs, breathing are controlled by a living God. Amen. He should be directing our footsteps. We should be following his will for our life. Amen. And we do that by faith. And I said that to say this. You see 40 different lives, 40 different paths, and right now, you’re in a different place in your life than I am. There’s things going on in your life that aren’t going on in my life. There’s trials, there’s troubles, there’s heartaches, there’s grief, there’s uncertainties. I don’t know what your future holds, but I know who holds your future. Abraham. I don’t know where you’re going, but I know who knows who’s already there waiting on you. I don’t know how those walls are going to fall down, children of Israel, but I can promise you this god’s going to bring those walls down flat. Amen. How do you know? Because we’re trusting God. You read about it in the scripture, Brother Mark. That’s how. You’re not sure, that’s how. I know. But I don’t know what today is going to bring. But I know this. I know who hosts my today. What shall I more say? What shall God more say? If God would have ended the scriptures right there, that would be enough for us to trust Him. Enough to put our faith in our covenant in him, enough to see that the same God that we serve is the same God that Abel served, the same God that Moses served, the same God that Abraham served. Amen. It’s the same god. Let me say to you, faith in a righteous, holy God can bring a baby into an existence when all human knowledge and science says it’s impossible. Faith can move that mountain. Amen. Faith will cause us to trust in God Almighty and his perfect plan and his perfect will. When you come to your Mount Mariah, like Abraham did, faith will cause you to trust that God. Faith will cause you to have a male baby born and keep it alive despite the King’s commands, and put that same baby in an arc of bullrush in a river filled with crocodiles and alligators, trusting God to deliver. Amen. That’s what faith will do. See, we sometimes want to know what the future is. And God says, just trust me. It’s going to be all right. It’s going to be okay. Faith will cause you to forsake your Egypt and will help you overcome affliction in your life. Faith will cause you to see the riches of Christ greater than the riches of your Egypt. That’s what faith can do for you. Faith will get you through your Red Sea on dry land. Faith will bring down your walls of Jericho. And faith will change your life from a life of sin to a life of blessing, like Sister Rehab. Amen. That’s what God can do. So now what can faith do for us? Well, that’s where we’re going to. I had to get all that and remind you how great faith is, how great God is, how great our faith and confidence should be in Him, because we have no idea what Tamar is going to bring? No idea. If you’re trusting in the stock market, you’re faith’s in the wrong place. If you’re trusting or putting your faith in your confidence, in the powers to be, our elected officials, you’re definitely putting your faith and trust in the wrong place. Amen. If you’re putting your faith and confidence in a man, in a person, in anything other than God, your faith and your confidence and your trust is in the wrong place. This morning, I want you to know this. When the apostle Paul under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit of God, pinned down this verse, what shall I more say? He was telling us, first of all, since the beginning of time, God has never changed. God is still the same. Malachi three six tells us this for I am the Lord, I change not. James 117 says, every good gift and every perfect gift to swim above and cometh down from the Father of lights, with whom is no variableness, neither shadow of turning. Numbers 20 319 says, god is not a man that he should lie, neither the Son of man that he should repent. Hath he said, and shall he not do it? Or hath he spoken, and shall he not make it good? That’s our God. Amen. Isaiah 40 28 28 says, hast thou not known, hast thou not heard that the everlasting God, the Lord, the Creator of the ends of the earth faintest not, neither is weary, there is no searching of his understanding. So do you get the picture this morning? God does not and has not and will never change. What makes Moses any more different than you and me? What makes Abraham any more different than you and me? What made Noah any more different than you and me? What made Joseph the man who was forsaken by his family, thrown into a pit, his family forsook him, his family betrayed him. Betrayed him. His family left him to die. What makes us any different than Joseph? He was sold into slavery. He ends up in Potiphar’s house. Then God takes him and use him. What difference is there between Joseph and me and you? We’re all human. I’ll tell you what the difference is. Joseph had faith. Joseph trusted God. Joseph didn’t know the outcome. Listen, I promise you, the day he left the house in his robe of many collars and when I was looking for the boys, he had no idea that would be the last day he’d see his dad for a long time had no idea. So you see, Joseph’s not as much like you and I. He’s no different than you and I. He didn’t know what the day was going to hold. He didn’t know what his week was going to hold. He didn’t know what his future was going to be. But in the long run, everything worked out the way it was supposed to. See, we can’t see that sometimes because we’re so busy looking around in the pit looking for an escape. We’re too busy looking in Potipher’s house trying to figure out what’s the right thing to do. We’re too busy worrying about what’s going on with the butler and the baker when we’re in prison, instead of worrying about what God’s want to do. Amen. Trusting God for the future. Amen. You see, we get too busy, too caught up in our circumstances. Paul reminds us, the Holy Spirit of God saying, what more shall I then say? What more shall I say? If it’s all he has said, that had been enough. Amen. It’d have been enough. God never changes. God never changes. Number one. Number two, I want you to notice about this pastor scripture here. This is the second thing I want to give to you is number two, note that every one of these instances that we’ve looked at so far, talking about Abel, Enick, Noah, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Joseph, on to Abraham, and on down through Moses and rehab and the children going into Jericho. Number two, every one of these instances that we’ve looked at and studied, there was a human aspect to each one of them. In every one of these giant great men examples of faith, somebody made a conscientious decision to serve the Lord. You see, what we see, we focus on the parting of the Red Sea. That was miraculous, and it was. We look at the walls falling down with just a shout and we said, well, that was miraculous. And it was. It was. We look at Joseph going from his home to being secular commander. We said, that’s a miracle of God. Only God could do that. And it was. But somebody had to make a decision to follow the Lord and do what was right. You see, there’s a human aspect to all of it. God did the work, no doubt. Somebody somewhere had to stand up. There had to be that Moses. Instead of saying, you know what? I’m going to forsake all the riches of Egypt, I’m going to forsake this lifestyle that I’ve known all these years, I’m going to put all this behind me and I’m going to choose, rather choose listen, choose made a choice rather to do what? Suffer affliction. What somebody would choose to suffer affliction. Moses did. Why? Because he trusted God. You see, we want our life to be without interruption. We want our life to be perfect. We want our life to be smooth sailing. Amen. And we forget that when the waters get boisterous and when the Lord says, let us go into the other side. We’re all about getting in the boat till the water gets rough, but we got to make a choice. I’m sticking with Jesus. I’m going to trust the Lord. Amen. I’m going to follow him. Let’s not turn around and go back the other direction. Let’s not go another way. Let’s trust the Lord in every one of these instances there was a human aspect, Egyptian, that every one of these great examples, faith, they made a conscientious decision. But their faith and their trust in a holy and righteous God. Let me say to you this morning, listen to me. Faith is about serving. Faith is about serving in the good times and the bad times, in the hard times, in the rough times. Faith is about serving. Just keep on keeping on. Just trust the Lord. What was our pastor said Friday night? Looking unto Jesus, the author and the finish of our faith. If our eyes are in the right place and our heads pointed in the right direction, all these noises, all these winds, all these distractions, all these troubles, all these trials, our eyes will not be upon them. Our eyes will be upon the one who’s getting us to the other side. Amen. Faith is about serving. Faith also is about trusting. I’m going to trust the Lord. Let me say to you, there are some great doctors, great nurses. I love my nurse. When I’m lying and I’m not feeling well, she gives me good, solid advice. Unless she’s mad at me, she always helps me. She always gets me going in the right direction. She’ll call the doctor and say, hey, Doc, can you see my husband, he’s got a problem, he’s got an issue. And oh yeah, bring him on. I like that connection. Amen. I like that. I told her yesterday, and I meant this on my heart, I bless the Lord. She’s a nurse, she’s a good nurse, she’s a Godly nurse. I thank God for it. Amen. Bless the Lord for it. Sister Tina, you the same way. Bless the Lord for it. Amen. Thank God for it, really do. But sometimes it’s not about the doctors, it’s not about the nurses, it’s about our faithfulness of the Lord. Sometimes it’s not about the doctors and nurses, it’s about our trusting the Lord. You see, man can only do so much. Who created these bodies? Who caused all those many veins, those capillaries and that’s a big word. Who caused all that to be just in the right place? All those nerves to be just in the right place? God did that, and if God can do that, and he did, god can take care of you in your time of sickness. He said, Brother Mark, you say, well, I know good doctors and nurse. No. Bless the Lord. Thank God there, that’s what they’re there, there to help you. God gave mankind that knowledge to help you. Amen. That’s okay. But in the end, it’s all about God. Amen. In the end, it’s all about our faith, our hope, our confidence, our trust in him. Brother markets, bad days today’s, bad times, you understand? There’s trouble on every hand. The stock market’s in the tank. Well, guess what? 20 years ago, ten years ago when the stock market was in, not in the tank. God was in control then. And even though the stock market is in the tank now, guess what? God is still in control. I was at work the other day, punched in, you punch in, you sign in, you go. Look at your emails. Look at all your stuff there up in the corner, it’ll say Low stock. Well, guess what? It’s been in red for about three weeks. Really crushed my spirit. I looked at it and just kept on going. Number one, don’t have that much in there to worry about. Amen. What I do have in there, they gave to me. So if they take it back out, I’m not missing anything. Anyway. Amen. The other fellow looked at it and he was discouraged. He said, oh, my goodness. He said, the stocks are tanking. Guess what? It’ll be all right. It’s going to be okay. Because my God was around way longer before the stock market was around. My God was in control way before anybody put their hand or their fingers upon the stock market, any political organization got empowered. My God has always been around, and my God is in control. Amen. Hey, he might just be winding this thing down. Amen. We might be on our way to heaven today. Bless the Lord. Our faith shouldn’t be in the things of this world. Our faith should be in hopes, should be in the confidence of a great God. Amen. The same God that Noah served. The same god. Can you imagine being in that ark that night? That day when the rains began to fall and the waters begin to break up from the deep. And that ark shook with violence as it came up off the ground, began to float. Never having been in a boat for can you imagine what was going through Noah’s mind? But at the same time said, listen, God told me to build this arc. I built it. God told me to provide. God’s going to make a way. God is going to make a way. And if God can do that for Noah, god can do that for you, Abraham. What more shall and what shall I more say? What shall I more say? Every example that we read about faith is not only about serving. It’s not only about trusting, but it’s about being obedient. Every example we read about this morning, they obeyed the word of the Lord. Every example we read about this morning put their faith in action. Every example we’ve looked at in this study has had their knees met at the hand of a gracious and mighty God. Will he not do the same for you? Does he not love you just as much as he did Abraham? He said, Brother Mark, how can you say that? I’m not Abraham. I’m not Isaac. I’m not Jacob. No. But Jesus came to die on an old, rugged cross, for God so loved the world that’s you and that’s me. That he sin has only begotten son in the world to die for our sins that we might have everlasting life. If God did that for you, will God not see you through this life? You see, it wasn’t that these people were great, it was that their faith was in a great God. They weren’t any more special than you and me. They just trusted the Lord more than we do sometimes. Amen. Where’s our faith? What is it that we want to see God do this week? What have you been praying for? Have you laid your all on the altar and said, god, this is what I need. I need some help this week. I need a little bit of hope. I need some strength. Lord, seems like the world is just about to wear me out. I need something, Lord. Are you looking, are you searching, are you wanting, are you asking? Or are you so busy worrying about what you got to do tomorrow, what you got to do next week, what’s going to happen this week, all the events? Hey, listen. Bless the Lord. I took all week off. I don’t have to worry about what’s going on. Closed. I probably will, but I don’t have to. Amen. I’ve got a list yay long for my lovely bride of things that need done this week. How much of you reckon will get done? Probably all of it if I want to meet Saturday. Amen. But we trust the Lord for each and every day, don’t we? We trust the Lord for what he’s going to do. Are you trusting the Lord? Do something in your heart this week? Are you looking for it? Have you made plans to be here? Are you excited about what God’s willing to do? Are you letting him speak to you through the singing, through the preaching? We’ve had great camp meetings before, but I think they’ve been great because we’ve been looking for something. So are we looking for something this morning, tonight? Have you made plans to make sure I could be here? I told her pastor this morning. I said, as far as I know, every night this week I should be here, take vacation to do that. That doesn’t mean something crazy is not going to happen. Because like my wife said earlier, a couple of days ago, the devil’s going to fight all week long. You know why? He doesn’t want your faith to be encouraged. He doesn’t want your faith to be strengthened. We’re going to trust the Lord. Amen. So what more shall be said? He says, for the time would fail me, brother, if we only knew what God has done since the beginning of time. This Bible could not contain all the great works that God has done. The world could not contain all the great things that God has done. If I looked at your life, brother Gary I looked at life, brother Jim, brother Verne if I looked at. Your all’s life, brother Bill. I looked at your alls life and could go back. I promise you. There’s not enough paper to see what all God has done for you in your life. God has done great and mighty things. Guess what? He’s not done. He’s not done yet, brother Gary. He’s still going to do great things. Where’s our faith? Where’s our faith? Let’s trust in him. Amen. Let’s pray. Our Father in heaven, thank you for the reminders this morning. Thank you for the word of God. Thank you for the scripture. Pray the word of God. The scripture that’s been read, the thoughts that have been presented would be in place on our heart, Lord, that we’ll see what we stand in need of. Help us to do what you’d have to do. Be what you’d have us to be, Father. Help us each service at this camp meeting this week to receive what you have forced. Well, thank you. Great.

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