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What Christ Went Through For Us

Sunday Night 10/30/22 – Brother Kevin Markham

Pastor Eric said that we’ve been an encouragement and a blessing to you all, but I believe y’all have been a bigger encouragement and blessing to us. It’s such an encouragement to be able to come back here. All my life growing up, I sat in this church. I’d hear Brother Dale come back after he’s been gone for a while just talking about how there’s no place like past French Baptist Church and I just always took that for granted. It never really registered to me until I went away myself and been gone for a while and then I’ve come back. I’ve barely been here this year, it feels like between being in the Northwest and in Virginia this summer and now back in Tennessee. But it’s a great blessing to be here. I did my testimony a few things the other night, but Pastor Eric, you were up here and you said you couldn’t think of any announcements coming up. I thought of one Thanksgiving. Christmas dinner is right around the corner and somebody needs to be bringing banana pudding. So we just need to go ahead and get that settled real quick right now so somebody can plan ahead that way. We have that whenever time comes. Thank you, Jess, for that wonderful song. Isn’t it such amazing? I’m so thankful for songs like that and the songs that we’ve seen in our hypnosis. It’s such great, doctrinal truths in these songs that we’ve seen. That’s why I never want to stop seeing them. Some of these songs, modern day, they sing whatever they want to. They repeat the same phrase, they repeat the same thing over and over and over again. But I love these hymns that have great, doctrinal truth to them and I never want to go away from that. If you have the word of God, I encourage you to take it. Open up to the Gospel according to Luke in chapter number 23. Luke, chapter 23 is where we’ll be at this evening. But wasn’t it so encouraging for you all to see the young kids up here seeing it that truly blessed my heart and I was so great to hear that. I love the song they sing, amazing Grace. That’s such a great song. And one of my favorite times down there at temples whenever they let some of the kids choirs come up and sing is seeing kids have a heart and a passion for serving the Lord. I know I’m not that old, but looking at kids like that make me feel older and seeing younger people than me loving God and serving God and it’s just so encouraging to me. It’s such a great blessing. As I said, it’s so great to be here with you all. It’s always encouraging that our fall break always lands on the same week that camp meeting is. We did a few days, a few extra days to be with you all as opposed to just the one Sunday. But glad to see you all, fellowship with you all on Thursday and Friday night and tonight. I apologize, I missed this morning. I rarely get to go to church with my family, so I wanted to go with them this morning. I was talking to Mum earlier. I told her outside of me preaching, I’ve only went to outside of them coming to hear me preach. I’ve only been in church, I believe, with them once this calendar year until today. So that was her mother’s day, I decided to go with her. But I trust that you all had a wonderful service this morning. His great Bible preaching. I know Pastor Eric preached, I’m sure it was good preaching. You’ll hear Bible preach tonight? I don’t know if it’ll be good Bible preaching, but it will be Bible preaching tonight. But I want to speak on a topic tonight, if you’re familiar with this passage of scripture, Luke chapter number 23. And this area of scripture talks about Christ on the cross leading up to Christ’s crucifixion as crucifixion. And the next chapter goes into the resurrection of Jesus Christ. And I believe we take for granted what Christ did for us oftentimes, many times. It seems whenever we go through our day to day life, unless it’s Easter time, around Easter time, we never really think about what Christ did for us on the cross. And I’m speaking to myself here too, I think that should be something that we look at daily. What Christ went through for us, what he suffered for us, it’s just something I believe that we often take for granted, but we should be thinking about every single day. But we find here in Luke chapter 23, we find Christ on Calvary. There’s been much preaching behind this pulpit on the cross of Calvary tonight from Pastor Eric through Pastor Sam and so on. So before we could drive ten to 15 minutes from here and find churches that’s preached about the cross, we drove all throughout the world and find people preaching about the cross of Christ. For 2000 years it’s been the topic of everything. Why? Because it’s a place we can’t talk about enough. Why is it that it’s a place of a story that will never grow old, but it’s a story that still changes lives 2000 years? Why? Because it changes our lives. And you say, how do you know that? Well, on April 16, 2006, it changed my life. I remember I was sitting in the back of the church auditorium and I remember Pastor Sam was up preaching and he said, if I had been the only person alive, jesus Christ who loved me so much, it came and suffered in blood and died for me. And I believe that tonight, this is just a message that the Lord greatly impressed on my heart to preach on Jesus on the cross. But I don’t only want to look at Christ on the cross tonight. There are three people on crosses that day. And I want to look at each cross and what it represents. The first cross we know Jesus is on, that’s the first one we’ll speak of. We’ll speak of the man on the cross that repented of his sins. But I also want to speak on the other cross that you really don’t hear too much preaching about. You normally hear about Christ, you hear about the man that receives Christ. But I also want to talk about the man that rejected Christ tonight, because I believe that’s just as important as the man that received Christ. Of course, the most important cross is the cross that Christ was on. But if you go through here, if you study through the crucifixion the tribe, that’s what we’re going to be looking at tonight. Christmaking an intercession for the transgressors. But often I’m going to back up to what I said previously. We don’t think about what Christ went through for us. We don’t think about somebody being so dear to Him, betraying Him. We don’t think about Him being tried unjustly, about Him being mocked, him being beaten, him carrying across up this hill, not even looking like a man. It’s something we should consider every single day. I believe, as I said, I’m speaking to myself there as well what we did reading here in verse number 32 and we’ll get into the message tonight, luke chapter number 23 and verse number 32 reads and there were also two other malefactors led with him to be put to death. And when they were come to the place which is called Cavalry, there they crucified him. And the malefactors, one on the right hand and the other on the left, then said Jesus Father, forgive them for they know not what they do. And they parted his arraignment and cast lots. And the people stood beholding and the rulers also with them derided him, saying he saved others, let him save himself if he be Christ the chosen of God. And the soldiers also mocked him, coming to him and offered him vinegar and saying, if thou be the king of the Jews, save thyself. And the superscription also was written over him in the letters of Greek and Latin and Hebrew, this is the king of the Jews. And one of the malefactors which were hayned railed on him saying if thou be Christ, save thyself and us notice he puts himself in there as well. But the other answer and rebuked him, saying DOST not thou fear God seeing thou art in the same condemnation we indeed justly, for we receive the due reward of our deeds, but this man hast done nothing amiss. And he said unto Jesus, lord, remember me when thou comest unto thy kingdom. And Jesus said unto him, verily I say unto thee today shalt thou be with me in paradise. And it was about the 6th hour and there was darkness over all the earth. Until the 9th hour and the sun was darkened and the veil of the temple was a rinse in the midst. Let’s pray. Dear Heavenly Father dear Lord, I thank you for this day. And I thank You Lord, for this opportunity we have to be in Your house tonight. Father. I thank you, Lord, for your precious word that you have given to us. Father. I thank you, Lord, how you speak to us through it. And I thank you, Lord, for this message that you’ve given me. I pray, God, that you helped me preach it as You’ve given it to me. Father, I thank You Lord, for speaking to me through it. I pray, Lord, that everybody in here has an open heart to be receptive of what it is you have for them tonight. Father, I believe that you gave me this message on salvation tonight, Father, for a reason. I believe there’s someone in here that’s lost. Dear God. I pray, Lord, that you just touch them. Father. They receive you tonight before it’s everlasting too late. Dear God, I love you, Lord. In your name I pray. Amen. You know, I know we’re here on a Sunday night. It’s always said that the faithful people are on Sunday night. But there’s been many times in my life that I’ve heard of people that people thought were saved but weren’t really saved. I believe Andy’s heard the story. Justin Taylor whenever Pastor Sustain started his ministry, he surrendered to the target preach and he started his ministry. And I don’t know if it was the first, but it was one of the first converts of his ministry was his wife. She was a preacher’s wife and she wasn’t saved. And I’ve heard countless stories about a preacher’s wives or people that have attended church for so many years not being saved, but just playing the part. So I believe with a crowd this size, that beyond a shadow of doubt that there’s someone in here that doesn’t know the Lord. And you may be able to trick all of us, you may be able to trick Pastor Eric, but you can’t trick yourself. And more importantly, you can’t trick the Lord. So I believe this is a message that the Lord has really given for this hour. Luke 23 37 says, if thou will be the king of the Jews, save thyself. The superscription. Also written over him in letters of the Greek and Latin and Hebrew. This is the king of the Jews. First of all, we find the cross in the middle. The man in the middle, we know the man in the middle was Jesus. Jesus Christ hangs on the cross of redemption. Point number one, cross of redemption. Of the three crosses of Calvary, christ on the cross of redemption. By far, this is the most popular cross. As I said, this is a cross that has changed the course of human history for 2000 years and will until the end of human history. This cross has been preached on for 2000 years and will continue to be preached on until the end of history. By far it’s the most popular. But there are we know that Christ is the man in the middle. If you look up at verse number 33 and when they were coming to the place, which is called cavalry there they were crucified him in the mallet. Factors one on the right hand and the other on the left. So we see that Christ was a man in the middle. We know that the Bible gives us that accurate representation but there’s a man on his right side, a man on the left and he was in the middle. But we find Christ on the cross of redemption. As I studied this passage of Scriptural several months ago I thought about how we pay for so much stuff in our life. I thought about how we will pay for stuff out of responsibility. As a college student, our tuition bill comes in if we want to stay at the college. We were responsible for that bill to make up the money so we can stay at college. As an adult, the bills come in and you have to pay the bill or else you won’t be living there or you may not be without power or water or electricity or whatever it might be. We pay out of stuff for responsibility. We pay out of stuff for obligation. I thought about that was around the time I went to Walmart and as I was leaving there’s a little Girl Scout there trying to sell me cookies. And I realized we buy stuff out of obligation. Sometimes we feel obliged that we have to buy something. Also. I realized that we pay for stuff out of selfishness. We see something, we want it and we buy it. So we buy stuff out of responsibility. Obligation and selfishness. But sometimes we buy stuff out of love. Pastor Eric, if he knows and he knows and gets Miss Rachel something and he finds it on the side of the road someone’s selling it for $5. It looks like it should be thrown in a dumpster. And he brings it to Mr. Rachel and says here, I bought this for you. You do? How do you think that would be? A gift of love? No, addict of love. It comes it represents something. Gifts of love. They represent sacrifice. They come with a feeling. It’s more than just a thing to give somebody something out of love. And as I thought of that, the greatest purchase of all time was the greatest love ever shown. And that was the Lord Jesus Christ purchasing us through the blood of his Son. Or God purchased us through the blood of his Son. The gift purchase of the love of God purchased you. This wasn’t a gifter’s responsibility. God wasn’t responsible to redeem us. It wasn’t a gift of obligation. It wasn’t a gift of selfishness. It was a gift of love. Christ bought us with love. It was free to us, but it was costly to Him. Often I think about the verse John 316 for God to love the world that He Davis only begotten His Son, that whosoever believes in Him should not perish, but have everlasting life. In my other Bible, not in this Bible, I have written that’s to it grace john 316 for God so loved the world, he loved us so much that He, Dave, has only be Daughten son, that’s God’s grace that’s dended to us. I love the acronym of Grace god’s riches at Christ is fenced. We can have God’s riches because of Christ sacrificed for you and for me. I have written that to. It also a gift for God to love the world that he gave his only begotten Son. God gave us that gift because he loves us so much. I also have written that to it. It’s the story of the Gospel that God loves us. He sent His Son to suffer and bleed, to live a perfect life that we couldn’t live for you and for me. It’s a gift. And at the end of it I have glory written next to it. But it’s weak and glory and that thought that God gave His Son for you and for me. I’m so thankful for the cross of redemption. Though Christ was on the cross suffering, bleeding and dying, he was still on the throne and His Word was still in control. I love this on. He could have sent 100 angels. He could have. But then he wouldn’t have died for our sins and we still would have been sinners and we wouldn’t be able to go to heaven with Him. He loved us so much that whenever he could have made a way to get off the cross, he didn’t. But his word was still in control. He was still on the throne, though. The Devil watching, thinking that he’s finally killed the one that said he’d come to seek and save that which was lost. The Devil rejoicing, thinking that he finally got the victory. But three days later, Jesus sent him, stayed dead. He resurrected. He came forth from the grave. He conquered death. Hell in the grave for you and for me. That way we don’t have to because of ourselves. We can’t do it. We can’t do it ourselves. And our flesh dwells no good thing. We know that we’re nothing. We were born sinners. We were born as a sin nature. Nobody taught us to sin. It comes naturally. I could probably stand up here and tell you stories after stories and my mom could come up here and tell you stories after stories for hours of my sin nature whenever I was little, with my line problems and my tantrum problems and whatever else I was as a little sinner boy that I was. But the Devil thought he’d won the devil finally thought he had the victory. But Christ rose again on that third and glorious morning. He redeemed us. He bought us. He conquered death, hell in the grave for us. Yes, we read of Him on the cross now. But in three days he will be rising victoriously. And as I think about that, I think about the fact of these little jihads. You can go to some people follow Muhammad, but you can go find where his grave is. You can find where his body was. You can see where he’s buried and he’s still there because he’s dead. You don’t go to where Buddha is. You can go to his grave. You can see where his body lays, where his bones are, where they laid him to rest, and he’s still there. Why? Because he’s dead. He’s not alive. But you could go to where Joseph laid Jesus. It’s empty. It’s empty. Why? Because Jesus rose again on the third day. There’s no other way of salvation but through the Lord Jesus Christ Himself. He’s the only way. We’ll get into that here in a minute. I want to make a statement. I’m going to add a little bit to it here in a second. When Christ was on the Earth, he didn’t buy a thing. If you study through the Scriptures, I never found one place where the Bible says that Christ bought something while he was on the earth. As you study through his life, we see he borrowed a lowly major. It wasn’t his manger, it was borrowed whenever he’s ministering. In his years of ministry before the crucifixion, he borrowed five loaves and two fish. As he’s going into the city, we read that he borrows a donkey. When he dies on Calvary, he’s borrowing a cross. When he’s buried, he’s borrowing a tomb. We know that he’d borrowed the tomb because he wasn’t going to stay there long. But as I said, Christ never bought anything while he was on earth except for you and me. His blood bought you and me everything else that he tasted on earth that we have a record of. He never bought a single thing except for you and for me. Why? Because he loves us that much. As I said earlier in my testimony, if you would have been the only one in all the world, christ loves you. God loves you so much that he would still come suffering, bleed and die for you. That’s how great of a love that God has for you. God loves us so much and why we were yet sinners. Christ died for us. God died for us knowing that we may never live for Him. And that’s so amazing to me to think about. He loved us that much. God loved us so much. Look at verse number 40. We’ll continue on, but the other answer and rebuked him, saying doth not thou fear God? Saying thou art in the same condemnation? And we indeed justly for we receive the due reward of our deeds, but this man hast done nothing amiss. And he said unto Jesus, lord, remember me when thou cometh unto thy kingdom. And Jesus said unto him, verily I say unto thee, today shalt thou be with me in paradise. First, we saw the man of the middle, Jesus Christ. We saw him haining dim shan. Secondly, I want to look at the man hating on the cross of reception. He’s hiding on the cross of reception. Now. Many times growing up in my life, I always heard Sarn Sund about this. I always heard people talking about the man on the right side was saved. I’ve never found that in my Bible. I’m not sure where people got that from, but it’s been passed down from generation to generation. You can study it out, you can study all through the scriptures, but you won’t find that he’s a man on the right side. We think he’s on the right side. He could have just as much been on the left side, but in all reality, it really doesn’t matter where he was. He was dying of his sins, called on Jesus and Christ saved him. This man haines on the cross of reception. We’ll talk about it here in a minute, where we get to the next point. But this man, he ridiculed Jesus with his friend just moments before what we read right here. He mocked Christ. And we’ll get to that here in a little bit. But this man has preached about not nearly as much as Christ, but I believe this man’s preached about a little bit more than the net style we’re going to preach about. But this man hangs on the cross of perception. Who was this man? How did he end up here? We really don’t know too much about these people. The two male factors, as Luke tells us, the four Gospels, I believe, gives us a little bit of an insight about who these people are. Matthew calls them thiefs. A thief is a robber who steals scenes. Mark calls them transgressors law, is departing from the law, a violator of the law. Luke, we read here that he calls him a malefactor. A malefactor is one who permits a crime or does something wrong. John calls them just others. They’re just others in this story, according to John. So we get the idea, we get an interpretation that these are two wicked men that broke the law, that was a thief that departed from the law. They violated the law. And we don’t know what to what degree, but we see their crime has brought them to the cross. We see this man on the cross of reception is only saved. So that must count for something. That’s not what this malefactor said. He didn’t say, my grandma had faith, or whoever it was that we use all these excuses for what can be learned about the cross of reception. We see here with Christ saying in verse number 43, today shalt thou be with me in paradise. We see that it was an instant transaction to an eternal transition. We see instantly. Christ said, today shall thou be with me. So when you call on God, when you repent of your sins, it’s an instant transaction for an eternal transition. Going back to what I just previously said a second ago, I love seeing what Christ said there in verse number 43. I also love seeing what he didn’t say. It’s not just what he said, but it’s what he didn’t say. He says, verily, at the end of the day, shall thou be with me in paradise. We don’t see where Christ says anything about if you’re good outweighs you’re bad, you can be in paradise with me. Obviously, as a Christian, our goal, we ought to strive to have good works. But that’s not what saves us. We ought not to sin, we ought not to do wrong. We ought to try to strive and be as perfect and attain to Christ’s likeness as much as possible. But we’re still sinners, we’re still lost. We won’t ever achieve that. But it’s not our good work that saves us. Christ doesn’t say if you keep the tensionandments, he doesn’t say. I mean, as I said, we ought to keep the tens amendments, we ought to do the best that we can, living for Christ, but keeping the Ten Commandments isn’t what saves us. Christ doesn’t say, if you get baptized. He didn’t say, I’m sorry. Well, you’re about to die. We can’t baptize you so you can’t be a snow. Christ said, today shot I’ll be with me in paradise. Christ doesn’t say if you have good words. Christ says, today this man was saved holy by grace. It was a gift from God. Ephesians 2894 by grace are you saved through faith. And that not of yourselves. It is a gift of God, not of works, lest any man should boast. Now, this malefactor, he didn’t earn it. He couldn’t deserve it, just as you and I didn’t. We couldn’t earn salvation. We couldn’t do anything to attain salvation and out of ourselves. Why? Because we’re sinners. I’ve said that. But his salvation was personal, safe and secure through the word of Jesus Christ. He said, today shall be with me in paradise. And when we call on God, we have God’s word. It’s personal. It’s safe and secure. God gives this man better than what he asked. He just said, Lord, remember me. He doesn’t know when Christ would remember me. He doesn’t know all the details. He doesn’t know all the facts. But Christ said, today shall thou be with me. Christ does better than what he asked for, but I believe it took the sinner a lot of courage. As I said, these two men, I don’t know that they’re friends, but they’re being tried for the same things. The Bible says they’re both transgressors they’re both male factors, they’re both thieves, they’re both the other. So in my mind, these two people are friends and this man had to defy his friend. As I said, we’ll see in a minute. I’ll read a verse out of Matthew that both of them were railing on Christ. The word railing, I believe it means blaspheming Christ. And he had to defy his friend. Not only did he have to defy his friend, he had defied the crowd. And if you’re going to live for God, then you don’t have to devise some friends, you don’t have to divide some people, you don’t have to defy the crowd. It’s not always going to be the popular choice, but it’s the right choice. Who you hang around, who you let influence matters. I wrote this down. I don’t remember where I wrote this down, but I wrote it down. I was studying this a few months ago. I wrote according to the standards of Rome, they said that this man was unfit to even live on earth. But God said whosoever? Whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved. When Rome said that this man is unfit when Rome said that this man wasn’t worthy to live on earth anymore, god said Whosoever? And I’m so thankful for the whosoever. God doesn’t say, okay, well if you’re a certain person then you can do it. No. God. Says whosoever? It doesn’t say, well if you do right for most of your life you can get it node christ says or God says, whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved. I’m so thankful for the whosoever as anybody, each and every single person, each and every human being that’s ever lived and breathe falls under that category of whosoever. Each person, every single person in here, me listening on the way of livestream, every person around the world falls under the category of whatsoever. That means we all can get saved. As I said, it’s not Christ. God depends. God pits and chooses who he saves. And we could get into that, I could show you scriptures, but we just don’t have the time for that tonight. But the Bible does say, whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved. It doesn’t matter who you are, it doesn’t matter what you’ve done. I think of everybody knows here, we think of Pastor Sam, the lifestyle that he lived growing up and how he was, and then God saved him out of it and brought him here and he passed it for so many years. And now Pastor Eric has taken here, and I believe most all of us in here wouldn’t be here tonight if it wasn’t for Pastor Sam. But God can save whosoever. God can save anybody out of any type of lifestyle. But there seems to be no hope in the world. But there is hope because of the man in the middle. You can receive him and he can be yours if we call on his name. Listen to me. In verse number 39. Verse number 39 says and one of the malefactors which were hanged railed on him, saying, if thou be Christ, save thyself and us. As I said, I don’t know if this is a man on the right and the man on the left. I don’t think it really matters. I don’t think that’s why the Bible is not specific about which side he was on. The Bible was just telling us. But this man, I believe, hangs on the cross of projection. We see Christ in the middle, on the cross of redemption, paving away, making away for you and me. We see the man that receives Christ on the cross of reception. But lastly, as I said, I believe this cross has never really preached about. We don’t hear much about this cross. We like to hear about Christ dying for our sins. We like to hear about the man that got saved. But what about the man that rejected Christ? What happened to him? This man on the cross of rejection? As hard as it is to say this man died and went to hell, it’s a hard topic to preach about. Many people don’t like to talk about it, but that’s the result of rejecting Christ. As I was reading for this, I came across a list of A to Z’s of Hell. And this isn’t my list. The S starts with an E, but y’all can just forgive that one. Hell is a place of abiding wrath, a place of blackness, of darkness forever, a place of crying, damnation, everlasting punishment, filthiness, gloom, hopelessness, intonation, judgment, keeping, lake of fire, memory, no rest, oblivion, pain, quandary, retribution, shame, thirst, ungodliness, vengeance, woe, its illusion, yearnings, zero existence. We see here. And I could take you all throughout the Bible. And as I said, we don’t have time for all that stuff. We could take the Bible and see that Hell is a real place. Many people try to shy away from it. They try to act like it’s a real place. It was made for the devil and his angels, but it’s also for those that reject Christ. This man found himself in the same predicament as the man on the other side, as I said, on the right side, left side, I don’t know. But this man on the cross of rejection had the same opportunity as the man on the cross of reception not too long before. As I said, the other man, his friend, the man on the cross of reception was mocking Christ. The same. Matthew 27 44 the thieves, also speaking of both of them, which were crucified with him, cast the same in his teeth. Both of them was blaspheming. Both of them was mocking, both of them was ridiculing Christ. But this man had the same opportunity as a man that was previously mentioned. He hears all the same stuff. He has the same equal opportunity to ask God to save him. And I tell you Christ was between. I believe that was on purpose. They both had equal access to the savior, the man on the right, the man on the left. They both had equal access to the Lord Jesus Christ. If you think about it, Christ was between them. They were both notoriously wicked men. They were both suffering and dying. They were both in need of forgiveness. We know that they were wicked men. We know that all men are sinners. We all know that all men are wicked. But we see that these men, they are especially wicked because they’re being tried and killed for their crimes. Christ was between them. They had equal access. They were both notoriously wicked. Both of them could see above his head this is Jesus. Jesus and Nazareth, King of the Jews. They both saw as he asked the Father to forgive the people who were crucifying him. They both saw as he suffered the sins of the world. They had the same opportunities. Yet one of the thieves died in his sins and the other in forgiveness. But as he rejected Christ, just like today, every single person has the same opportunity to receive the Lord Jesus Christ. There’s only two options either you receive Him as a thief, as the one thief did or you reject him as the other thief. Either accept him as a Lord and Savior or you reject him. You accept his love or you reject his love. You know if we got what we deserved we wouldn’t even make it to the cross of rejection. We’d already be in hell, each and every single one of us. But God loved us so much that he made a way that you and I don’t have to go through that. That you and I can spend eternity with him in heaven. And can I say as I said, the man rejected Christ and is hell to reject Christ, that’s where this man is to this day. If we could we would pull him out for 5 seconds and put them back in and it just would have just started his eternity because it will last forever. I read the other day 1 minute after you die you will either be elated or terrified. And at that point it will be too late to reroute your travel plans. Today is the day of salvation. Our life is short. We’re not promised tomorrow. We’re not promised to walk out the doors of the church auditorium tonight. Our life is a vapor. If you think of our life on the grand scheme of things you could say this represents about the 6000 years history of the earth and my right hand will even scale in comparison to all that of your life. Our life is just like that. Our life. We’re here one day and we’re gone the next day. Many people they think they have such a long time to live. I love listening to an old preacher, Jay Vernamide. He tells a story in one of his sermons. He was preaching, and there was a little girl sitting up front. She was about 9th or 10th grade, and he went up to her, and he felt the Lord leading him to go speak to her about her salvation. And she looked at him and said she wasn’t ready. She still had too much living to do. She was the most popular kid in school. She was the head cheerleader. She was homecoming queen, promine. She had all the things in the world that she wanted, and she wasn’t ready to get saved. And as her and her family, her family sitting there pleading with her to listen to the preacher man, to listen to the preacher man, and she says that she’ll do it later in life, that she’ll have more opportunity, that she has too much life to live. Well, they leave the service and they live about, I believe it’s three or four minutes from the church. And as they go, as they normally do every single Sunday night to turn into their driveway, a drunk driver comes around the corner and hits some headon, flips the car, sends the parents flying out of the car, and the little girl is trapped inside. The dad, he does try to help her, and he’s trying and he’s trying, and there’s no success. And somehow, some way, the car catches on fire and it got too hot. The dad couldn’t do anything, and he listened to his daughter screaming that it was too late for her. But she should have listened to the preacher man. But she should have heard what he should have accepted it because she didn’t have much longer. And she cried for her dad to save her, for her mom to save her, saying that I should have listened to the preacher man. She thought she had much more life ahead of her, but she only had less than an hour. Each of us were not promised tomorrow. Our life, as I said, is but a vapor. You may be on the cross of rejection, but you can be on the cross of reception. Tonight, Andy, I’m going to give a closing illustration if you can put in place something softly on the piano, and I’ll give it back to Pastor Eric. Many years ago, I believe it was the early 18 hundreds, there were two men. They were out and about, and they robbed a male carrier. It’s a federal offense to rob a mail carrier. They robbed him, took some stuff, and they endangered his life. So their end results was going to be they’re going to be killed, they’re going to be hunted for what they did, I believe. And the first man, he was executed for his crime. And the other man, his dates kept getting pushed back because his friends kept advocating for him saying well he’s not guilty. He was just there. He didn’t do anything. He didn’t touch the military and so on and so forth. Date kept getting pushed back and pushed back and pushed back. And finally one of his friends contacted President Andrew Jackson. His friend contacted President Andrew Jackson and said look, this man is innocent. He’s not guilty. He was just guilty by association. And Andrew Jackson ended up writing him a full presidential pardon that he could walk away a free man. So they come to this man where he’s at and I’m sure this man just a normal day. They come and they lose his chains. They say, you’re a free man. The president’s pardon you. You can walk away a free man. The man said no. He said, I’m guilty. He said, I must die for what I did. You see, a presidential pardon, it can’t be forced upon somebody. A presidential pardon, it has to be received in full. You can’t just receive part of it. It’s something that’s given in full. And just as our salvation is the way it’s been made christ suffered and blood and died 2000 years ago for you and for me. The way he’s made. Will you accept him? It can’t be forced on you. If it could be forced on you, pastor Eric, he’d drive around every single day and didn’t everybody save? But he can’t force you. I can’t force you. As I said, many people, I believe they play the part. They walk the walk. But they’re not saved. If you’re not saved or not, I encourage you to know the Lord Jesus Christ as your personal. As I said, we can’t force it on you. But the way has been made for each and every single one of us. Pastor Eric…

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