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God Has A Plan For Your Life

Sunday Morning 12/04/22 – Brother Sam Haynes

I want you to look with me, if you would, please. This morning in the Book of Luke, chapter number one. Luke, chapter number one. We are in the Christmas season, and I love this time of year as we celebrate the birth of the Lord Jesus Christ. What a great time, time it is for the Child of God to understand what Christmas is all about. The world has forgotten. The world has chosen to forget about Christmas, chosen to forget about God. But we that are saved by the grace of God, we still understand and we still remember what Christmas is all about. And truly, what a blessing that is when you know that God is so gracious to give us his word, to show us all about what Christmas is all about. As we look to Luke, chapter number one, if you look at the four Gospels, you’ll understand that in the Book of Matthew, we have the genealogy of the Lord Jesus. In the Book of Luke, we have the genealogy of the Lord Jesus in the Book of Mark, and in the book of John, you do not have that. There’s a reason for that. You see, in the book of Matthew, the Lord Jesus Christ is put forth as the King. It’s important where the King come from. It’s important who he is, his genealogy. So we have that in the Book of Matthew, in the Book of Mark, he’s put forth as the suffering servant. You see, a servant, it’s not important. Their genealogy, that’s not important. So Mark does not least that in the Book of Luke, he’s put forth as the Son of man. The Son of man has that his genealogy is important. In the Book of John, he’s put forth as the Son of God. And there’s only one in that genealogy. That’s God the Father. God the Son and God the Holy Ghost. Amen. So there we have it. That’s what we have in the Gospel, from the book of Malachi to the book of Matthew, you have a period of some 400 years, 400 years. There’s a time period there that the Bible does not list. It’s not in the canon of the Scriptures about those 400 years. We know a little bit about that from history, but not in the Bible. Don’t give that 400 years. For 400 years silence, the prophets weren’t speaking for 400 years. There was no word. But you see, as Mark talked about this morning, there was hope even in those days, because you see, they had the prophecy of Isaiah that had been given some 700 years before this time. Isaiah prophesied that a virgin would conceive and bring forth a son in chapter seven, and his name shall be called Emmanuel. And then Isaiah said in chapter nine, verse six, and his name shall be called Wonderful Counselor, the mighty God, the everlasting Father, the Prince of Peace. So you see, they had that scripture, they had that hope even for those 400 years as they waited for the Messiah. Well, listen, folks, it’s been mentioned many times already this morning. He’s coming again. We have that hope like they did when they were waiting with anticipation to see when he came the first time. They were expecting the Messiah. They were with anticipation, expecting Him to be born on the earth. They did not understand fully how it was going to happen. Just like we don’t understand fully exactly how it’s going to happen. God is so amazing. He gives us I love to do this. If I’m teaching a series or preaching a series of messages, I love to do this. I love to come to a point in a certain lesson and you get them right on the edge of their seats waiting for more and then you close and say, I’ll come back the next time and do it. I’ve always loved to do that. And we get that anticipation. But in these time periods, that 400 year period, that’s kindly how they were. They knew. They had that promise that he was coming, but they didn’t know when. They didn’t know when he was going to be born on the earth. They knew that he would they knew how he would be born. No doubt there was wonder in the mind. A virgin is going to conceive and bring forth a son. No doubt in their minds they wondered how’s that going to happen. You know what? That’s the way God is. God gives us some things to make us think and make us wonder. You ever think about Christmas time? Let’s go back a few years. You remember how Christmas used to be. Christmas is not as much like that now. And I’m saddened by that because you know what we do now? We’re so spoiled sometimes we call it blessed. And that’s what it is. God’s blessed us so much. I remember when I was a boy, it wasn’t really like it around the Haynes house. We had food to eat all the time. I never did go hungry. We had clothes to wire, we had food to eat. I never went hungry or never did have to worry about something to wire. But we didn’t have a lot. Christmas was a special time. I remember several years. I’m a country boy. I love to hunt. I don’t hunt anymore. I used to a lot. But I remember one year, one Christmas, I don’t know how old I was teenager, I know that. And I was believing and thinking that mom and dad might get me a twelve gauge fox shotgun, double barrel. I want it real bad. And I can remember those days. Waiting. Just couldn’t wait. Harley for Christmas. Couldn’t wait because I hoped. My hope was I’d get that shotgun. By the way, that was many years ago since I was a teenager. But I still got that shotgun. It’s in my gun case in Bristol, Tennessee, right now I still got it. I waited with anticipation longing for that. And one day I got it. That’s the way it was with these people. But you see, folks, it was a little different. Because generation after generation had passed. 400 years. There’d been no word 400 years. They hadn’t heard anything encouraging about what Isaiah said. But then one day, one day God said, it’s time. I love God’s timing. I cannot stand here this morning and tell you that I totally understand God’s timing. Some things happen in life I don’t understand. But I do know this god’s timing is always right. We will not understand because we don’t understand. We cannot figure things out. These things in the scripture people ask me sometimes, preacher, what does this mean? I’ve never been ashamed to say I really don’t know because I have not been enlightened on that yet. I’ve learned a lot over the years about the scriptures. But there are so many things I don’t understand. But listen, friend, god gives us just enough. He gives us little things along the way. He gives us something to hope for, something to long for. I’ve thought a lot about it and I’ve mentioned it many times at funerals. God is so good in every respect. God is so good. You see, friend, if all of our loved ones stayed here, think about it, we wouldn’t want to go there either. If all of our loved ones were staying here, we wouldn’t have a longing to go to heaven. But over the years, it becomes so true. Over the years, you realize I’ve got more friends over there now than I’ve got left here. God’s so good. He knew that about us and he fixed it that way. His timing. When it was time when it was time, god said, now. Now it’s time for my son to be born on the earth. Luke records it. Luke was a doctor, by the way. He was a physician. He records the birth of the Lord Jesus. Notice this, please, if you would, in chapter number one, verse number five. There was in the days of hurried the King of Judea, a certain priest named Zacharias of the course of Abiah. And his wife was of the daughters of Aaron, and her name was Elizabeth. The announcement came that John the Baptist was going to be born. I don’t know that these people I do not have it recorded in scripture. I don’t know if they begin to start putting one or two together. But you see, it was also prophesied that there would come one before the Lord Jesus. I love the way the Lord does things sometimes. I begin to think about what’s going on up there. Can you imagine the angels with me, please, for a little while? This morning? You got some people say that there’s three archangels listed in the Bible. That’s really not true. There’s only one archangel that’s called that in the Bible. His name is Michael. Some say there’s Gabriel, Michael and Lucifer. But Michael is the only archangel listed in the Bible. But Gabriel is one of the chief angels. We know about Lucifer. We all deal with him often. Amen. We know about him. But there’s Gabriel. Gabriel was the messenger. He carried the message. Can you imagine with me this morning, please, 400 years, generation after generation. But hey, thank God, folks, 400 years was nothing being told by the prophets. Nothing been said. But I want to remind you of something. There was some people of God that was still passing the story down from the time of Isaiah to the time of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. They’ve been passed down. Mom and dad, let me tell you something. We take it lightly sometimes, but don’t ever neglect passing it on to your children from the time they’re young, tell them this is the word of God. This book is true. You see, I find this my wife taught school, Christian school for 30 years. I have a daughter now that teaches in Christian school now. But I want to tell you something. Sometimes we take it lightly, but don’t ever stop teaching your children the truth of the word of God. Our country is in trouble today because parents stopped teaching the word of God. Well, that’s oldfashioned preacher, thank God for oldfashioned. Call it what you want. It’s important. These people never ceased for that 400 year period. They never stopped telling their children, hey, there’s a Messiah coming. He’s going to be born one day. Don’t ever forget that. We don’t know when. We don’t know when he’s coming. But we do know this he is coming. We know that he will be born. We know that there will be one before Him that comes before Him. The voice of one crying in the wilderness makes straight the way of the Lord. And now in the book of Luke, luke records that it was coming to pass. He was coming. He was going to be born on the earth. The excitement mounted. Can you imagine? Elizabeth’s going to have a boy now. It’s amazing to me. I love what the Bible says, zacharias and Elizabeth going to have a boy. God said, I’m going to blow, you mine. He said, his name’s going to be called John. And some of the people said, there’s never been a John in your family before. You know what they could have said? No. God never did name our children before, but this is going to be as a matter of fact, zacharia and Elizabeth didn’t have any children. She was barren. About to get in weight of myself there on that one. She hadn’t had any children before, but nonetheless, in his family, in their family, there had never been one named John. God said, his name shall be called John. Is it amazing what God chooses to do? How he works everything out? John the Baptist the forerunner of the Lord Jesus was going to be born. I can imagine some people started to put two and two together. If John the Baptist is going to be born and he’s going to be the forerunner of the Lord Jesus, then that means that soon we’re going to have a Messiah. Soon. He’s going to be born soon he’s coming. Hallelujah. What a blessing. You know what I find, folks? I find that some of God’s people are discouraged today. You know why they’re discouraged? Because they’ve heard all their lives that Jesus is coming. Ever since I’ve been saved, I’ve heard Jesus is coming. He hasn’t come yet. Some people get to the point where, well, I’ve heard that all my life. As a matter of fact. The Bible speaks of scoffers say, where is the sign of his coming? For 400 years they looked for the Messiah. For 400 years they waited with anticipation, knowing the prophet said he’s going to be born on the earth. But for 400 years he was not born on the earth. He did not come. They waited with anticipation, but nothing happened. Don’t ever forget, god’s word is true. His promise is true. You see, when God says something, it’s as good as done. You do not have to wonder. You do not have to fret. You do not have to worry. You just have to understand. It’ll be here in God’s time. Oh, luke Records. Notice with me, please, in verse number let me find it here in verse number 26. And in the 6th month, the angel Gabriel was sent from God into a city of Galilee named Nazra. I love it. Gabriel come and told Elizabeth, god the Baptist is going to be born. God the Father seated on the throne. Gabriel standing by waiting for command. God said, Gabriel, got another message for you to take down to the earth. Gabriel, got another place for you to go. I want you to go to Nashville. I want you to go to a virgin, a spouse to a man whose name was Joseph of the House of David, and the virgin’s name was Mary. Said, I got you another trip for you, Gabriel. Go down to Nazareth. There’s a virgin down there named Mary. Go tell her she’s going to give birth to the Messiah. The Bible don’t say this either. But I kind of get the idea that Gabriel kind of got excited about that. Because, you see, that’s not a message, just a woman about a baby that’s going to be born. That’s a message from God the Father that Jesus the Son is coming to the earth. I believe even Gabriel got excited about that. And he came down with that message to tell Mary. Can you imagine? Can you imagine the thought that happened with this woman when the Gabriel came even to her? What would you think if an angel came and talked to you? What would your response be? She no doubt knew because of the prophecy. No doubt she knew that there was going to be a virgin that would give birth to the Lord Jesus. But no doubt she didn’t expect it to be her. Can you imagine? Is that not the way we are? Well, God wouldn’t tell me to do that. God wouldn’t choose me to do that. How do you know God wouldn’t choose you to do that? I don’t think Mary was sitting around and said, well, you know what? It’s going to be me, folks. God’s going to come down here and tell me I’m going to be the mother of his son? I don’t think so. No doubt she never gave it a thought. But all of a sudden, when it was time, the angel showed up at Mary’s house and said, it’s you, Mary. You’re going to give birth to the Lord Jesus. You’re going to be the one. Mary was confounded. She didn’t know what to say. She didn’t know how to answer. Notice with me what she said. And when she saw Him, she was troubled at his saying and cast in her mind what manner of salutation this should be. And the angel said to her, you’re not married, for thou hast found favor with God. Glory to God, what a blessing. You know what he said to Mary? He said, God cares about you, Mary. God’s chosen you. I want to tell you something, folks. This morning, we take a lot for granted. Paul says it like this, and I think about this a lot. He said, I’ve been allowed to carry the gospel. I’ve been allowed to preach. Whatever position God has given you, you say, oh, but preacher, I don’t do much in the church. I don’t do a lot. Listen, it’s not about doing a lot. It’s about doing what God wants you to do. You see, I know, I understand. God don’t call everybody to preach. God don’t call everybody to be song leaders. God don’t call everybody to teach Sunday school. God don’t call everybody to play musical instruments. God don’t do that. But God does give everybody a purpose in the church of the living God, everybody has a place, everybody has a purpose. And I’m going to tell you something. When everybody fulfills that purpose, that plan that God has for their life, the church is an amazing thing. They don’t anything function like it whenever one of God’s people feel their role. Yes, Mary was a special lady. She was chosen to be the mother of the Savior, the Messiah. Oh, what a blessing when God chose us. Now, I tell you number two, the nickname saying, thank God, he chose you to be a part of his family. We take that for granted, too. I’ve thought often about this. You see, I have friends that I grew up with. As far as I know, they’re not saved. I have friends that I graduated from school with. Some of them, I’m sure, are not saved. But God saved me. God chose you. He saved you. And if he did that for you, there ought to be we’ve just come through thanksgiving. There ought to be gratitude in your heart. Mary couldn’t believe her ears when the angel said mary, it’s you. It’s you, Mary, that you’ve wondered about. You wondered who would be the mother of the Lord. It’s you, Mary. You’re the one. He’s chosen you. And you’re favored by God. But I tell you something, friend. Today, if you’re saved by the grace of God, God loves you. He loves you enough to save your soul. But I want to put something else in there. If you’re lost, he loves you too. You see, he didn’t just die for those that he saved. He died for the sins of the entire world. Our familiar verse, John 316 for God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten Son that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life. He loves us, folks. God loves us. That’s why, when it was time, Jesus came to Mary, the angel came, said, you’re going to give birth to the Son. You’re going to give birth. And notice the response. Notice what the angel said about him in verse 32. He shall be great, and shall be called the Son of the Highs. And the Lord God shall give unto him the throne of his father David. And he shall reign over the house of Jacob forever, and of his kingdom there shall be no end. Mary, you’re going to give birth to the Son of God. He’s going to be great. And I want to say to you this morning, church, he’s fulfilled that to the utmost. He shall be great. You see, not only don’t miss this not only did he tell Mary she’s going to give birth to the Lord, he gave her some prophecy to watch what he says. And of his kingdom there shall be no end. That’s prophecy, friends, notice this also. And he shall reign over the house of Jacob forever. That’s prophecy. And of his kingdom then said Mary unto him, how shall this be seen? I know not a man. How is it going to happen? She is now curious. He’s aroused her curiosity. How’s this going to happen? I’ve never been with a man. I don’t know a man, I’ve never known a man. How can this happen? By the way? She knew about the birds and the bees. She said, how can this happen? I’ve never known a man. Watch what he says. And I want you to get this. If you don’t get anything else I’ve said this morning, verse 37 for with God shall nothing shall be impossible. He said, Mary, don’t let all these things trouble you. With God nothing is impossible. I want to ask you a question this morning. What is it in your life that to you seems impossible? I mean, you cannot in your wildest imagination, imagine how it could happen. You’ve sat, you’ve wondered, you’ve read it, you’ve wondered, how on earth is this going to work out? If I do this, maybe it’ll work out. If I do that, maybe it’ll work out. And that’s the way we go about things. We think, if I do this or if I do that, this is the way it will turn out. But you know what? Most of the ways we think it’ll turn out, it don’t turn out like that. But just remember one thing. The things that are impossible with us are not impossible with God at all. Nothing is impossible with God. I can do all things through Christ which strengthens me. That’s a promise in Philippians 413 that God made to us, friend, jesus said it like this in John 15, ye can do nothing without me. You see, it’s all about Him. Mary, here’s our challenge this morning. It’s time that we started letting God work things out, and we quit trying to work them out ourselves. Every time I’ve tried to work something out, I only ended up making a mess. But every time I’ve let God take care of it, it always works out for my good and his glory. That’s the key, Mary. Don’t let these earthly things bother you. God’s got it all figured out. The Messiah. You’re going to give birth to him, Mary. The shepherds heard about it. The wise men heard about it. Can you imagine with me, god’s got a plan for your life. God’s got a plan for my life, and I’m glad this morning that it’s in his hands. It’s not in mine. There’s a word I want to give you before I close this morning. It’s a word called surrender. There’s a lot of God’s people that are saved today, but they’ve never surrendered their will to God. Oh, they got saved. Thank God I’m saved. They’ll tell you that. Thank God I’m saved. Yes, Preacher, I’m going to heaven when I die, I’m saved. But they’ve never surrendered to God. They gave their heart to the Lord, but they never gave their life to the Lord. They’re still holding on to it. Well, I know, preacher, I know exactly what you’re talking about. And this is, I believe with all of my heart, one of the biggest sins we commit. Listen to me this morning. Well, I know I ought to, preacher, I’m not what I used to be. I mean, I know what I ought to do, but thank God I’m not what I used to be. And we live our Christian lives like that. Paul says in Romans, Chapter twelve I beseech you, therefore, brethren, by the mercies of God, that you present your body a living sacrifice wholly acceptable unto God, which is your reasonable service. Preacher, I’m saved today, but are you serving? Are you doing what you could for the Lord? We’ve heard over and over this morning. He’s coming back. We’ve seen how the announcement of his coming was to marry there in Luke, chapter one. We’ve seen that this morning. What’s it going to be like when you stand before Him? Are you going to look into the eyes of the Lord Jesus who died for your sins and made it possible for you to spend eternity in heaven? Are you going to look Him in the eye and say, I really thought, preacher, I really thought, Lord, one day I would do it. I really meant to, but I never did get around to it. I want to ask you something. You can tell me that this morning. And I’ll say, well, praise the Lord. Maybe one day you will. But I promise you, you won’t look in the eyes of the Lord Jesus and tell Him that. You’re not going to say to Him. I intended to. I really thought about it. You know what we’re going to say. Oh, Lord, I just didn’t do it. That’s what we have to say. Tell you it’s time. Surrender the God. Give him your life. Give it to the Lord. Nothing is impossible with God. All, preacher. I can never be anything. How you know? You’ve never surrendered to him. Nothing is impossible with God. Get a doctor. Ask your doctor how it’s possible for a virgin to have a baby. Ask Him. Ask Him. With man it’s impossible. But with God, all things are possible. The our moody the El moody said this. He said it’s just yet to be seen what God can do with a man that will totally surrender to Him. I think it’d be great if we, the people of God, would check God out and say, god, I want to be that person. I want to serve you. Not to make a name for myself, but to bring glory to you. Every head bowed, every eye closed. We’re going to sing a song of invitation in just a minute. But as they’re coming, I want to do something. I promise you I will not come to you. I will not embarrass you in any way. But I would like to pray for you. If you’re here today and you’ve never been saved, just a preacher. I’ve never met the Savior. I’ve never called on his name to save me. Would you pray for me? Would you just slip up your hand, preacher? I’m lost. I’ve never been saved anyone like that this morning. Pray for me. All right. Father, thank you so much for the service this morning. What a sweet spirit. Thank you, Father, for being with us. Thank you, Lord, for helping us. And I pray now that you you’ll bless this invitation. I ask all this in Jesus name. Amen.

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