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Like Unto His

Sunday School 12/18/22 – Brother Mark Davis

It’s good to see you here in the Lord’s house this morning. Good to be here. Amen. Did ya enjoy the fellowship last night? Bless. Oh, Lord. Good fellowship, good food. I went by and seen Brother Billy afterwards. Took him and his mom a know that this aching, tired, weary body will not always be with me. Amen. Bless the Lord, brother Jim, we won’t have to worry about all these doctor visits. Amen. All these tests, these procedures. One of these days we’ll get a new body and we bless the Lord for that. We bless the Lord heavens, our home, we’re headed there. I’ve told you before, I’m not ready to take the next bus. But I know my ticket and my pair has been paid for. Amen. And I’m ready to go. So philippians, chapter number three. We’ll look at verses 17 through 21. But before we do, let’s take just a moment and pray. Our Father in Heaven, thank you for the privilege and opportunity back in your house this morning. Father, thank you for our church family, lord, thank you for these, our brothers and sisters in Christ. Thank you, Lord, that we have a good church family to be a part of. Thank you, Lord, for this church, in this area, in this community. Ask your Lord to empty us of ourselves. Fill us with Thee this morning. I pray that each and everything that’s said and done bring praise and honor and glory to Thee. I ask your Father to take the word of God and speak to our hearts as only you can. Father, I know that our eyes cannot fathom, our minds cannot fathom what heaven awaits for us. Lord, I understand that. But I ask you this morning that our spiritual eyes, maybe we can just get a glimpse and maybe, Father, we can just be encouraged in knowing what lies ahead for us today. I pray, Father, that you will bless your people. Father, I pray you’ll encourage them. I pray you’ll, strengthen them. Father, I know it’s not an easy time of the year for some folks, but I pray this morning that we’ll find just a few moments where we can get rest and comfort in the God and direct. Father, help our hearts to be in tune with you. Bless in the next hour each and everything that’s said and done, Father, that might bring praise and honor and glory to you we ask in Jesus name and amen. Philippians, chapter number three and verse number 17. We’ll start there. And I know it’s picking up in the middle of a pastor Scripture, in the middle of a thought, but there’s something I want to get to, and I think this is the best starting point. The Bible says in verse 17 brethren, be followers together of me and mark them which walk so as you have us for an example, for many walk of whom I’ve told you often and now tell you even weeping. That they are the enemies of the cross of Christ whose end is destruction, whose God is their belly and whose glory is in their shame, who mind earthly things. For our conversation is in heaven from whence also we look for the Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ, who shall change our vowel body, that it may be fashioned likened his glorious body according to the working whereby he is able even to subdue all things unto Himself. A lot here to look at this morning. I know a lot here to look at, a lot of different things we could talk about a lot of things that we could kind of apply to our lives today, for sure. But the thing that I want to focus on is this thought. It’s the title for the lesson this morning is Like Unto His. Like unto his. As we’ve journeyed through this study together of heaven and just looking at some different things in different weeks, we’ve been reminded of some great and precious promises found in the word of God. And I don’t think there’s anything ever wrong with us being reminded of these promises. I don’t think we can ever think about heaven too much. I don’t think we can ever think about who’s in heaven too much. I don’t think we can ever think too much about looking unto Jesus, the author and defense of our faith, who is in heaven. Amen. I don’t think we can talk about it too much. I think that there’s obviously there’s other things, other truths, other principles in the word of God that we can look at that will help us and encourage us. But it seems like for over a year our church has kind of been under an umbrella of just, sorrow, heartaches, heavy times. There’s not a person in this church that’s not been affected some way, shape or form over the last year with something that just is hard for us as humans to grasp and to fathom. So I don’t know, maybe it’s just me. Maybe I needed the help. Maybe the Lord said, Brother Mark, you need this because it’s going to be easy for you to get discouraged. It’s going to be easy for you to get down and out. You need these lessons on heaven. Maybe that’s what it was all about. I don’t know. But as I’ve looked at Scripture and the Lord spoke to my heart about things. I’m sharing with you what I found. Our pastor was kind enough to send some books to me for me to read and look at. And they’ve been a big help and an encouragement. So some of the thoughts I give you this morning may come from that. And then some of the thoughts are just random Marxisms, I guess, that I’ve looked at that I hope will be of help to you. Amen. But as we’ve studied this we’ve been reminded of some great and precious promises. These promises that God gave us from Genesis Revelation have been given to us. As for comfort and strength and help, we talked about it last week. We can go through this world miserable if we choose. plate. And it was encouraging to them that we that the church thought about him. And I appreciate all that everybody did. What a blessing. Amen. Just good to be a part of this church. I’m thankful for this church family, aren’t you? And bless the Lord for the fellowship and and and all that took place. You have your Bibles turn with us this morning to the Book of Philippians. The Book of Philippians, still continuing this study on heaven. Talked about a couple of things this morning that may help you and encourage you. It helped me to We can go through this world looking at everything that’s going on around us and being discouraged and being down and out and ready to throw in the towel and do whatever the case may be. We can do that. We have that right. We have that ability, I guess. Maybe not a right, but we have that ability to do that. The Lord says we don’t have to be discouraged. You believe in God? Believe also in me. In my Father’s house are many mansions. If it were not so, I would have told you I go to prepare a place for you. And if I go, I will come again and receive it to myself. He gives us hope. But do we want it? Do we want it? Do we look for it so we can have comfort? There’s folks in our church family that have experienced close losses in the last several years and they can stand this morning and tell you that God is good. Now, how can they tell you that? Because they find comfort in the word of God, in the promises. I told you last week I have a great comfort in my heart. He that hearth my word and believes on Him that sent me half everlasting life. That’s how I know I’m going to heaven because I asked Jesus to save me. And Jesus won’t lie. Is that right? How many times growing up did we cover that verse, let God be true and every man alive over and over? Well, I don’t know if it was necessarily for him as much as it was for me. It helped me. So now when I claim God’s promises, they’re true. I know they’re real. So these lessons that we’re covering on heaven this morning, they’re not fictitious places. It’s a real place. I want you to feel the bench next to you. Brother Jeremy, you’ve got your arm on the bench. Do you feel how solid that wood is? You feel that’s how real heaven is. You feel that this morning? That’s how real heaven is. You’re sitting in that feud. That’s how real heaven is. That’s how real heaven just like you’re looking at me. That’s just as real as heaven is going to be. Now, Sam, I don’t want you to reach over and punch Gary, but if you were to reach out and touch Gary, that’s how real heaven is. It’s a real place. Amen. It’s not a hope. It’s not a pipe dream. It’s real. So I want to give you some hope and some help, some encouragement this morning. We bless the Lord for these verses, and we bless the Lord. How God has given us hope beyond the grave. Death is not the end. It’s just the beginning. It’s separation for me, separation for you. But know this. They are just starting their real life in heaven. Life has just begun. Rejoicing with the Lord. Rejoicing with the saints of God in that wonderful place in heaven. There’ll be no more separation. There’ll be no more death. There’ll be no more darkness. There’ll be no more grief. There’ll be no more pain, no more heartache. There’ll be no more heartbreak. It’ll be a wonderful place. Amen. We’ve been reminded of in these troubling times and days of grief and pain, heartache and despair. We can and do have hope in knowing that as a born again child of God, we are headed there. Amen. And those whom we love have going on before us that are saved by the grace of God. They are today enjoying the glories of heaven. And we’re rejoicing that, don’t we? We’re rejoice in it. But how does that help us now, Brother Mark? Well, I want to show you some things that I think will help you. Look at Philippians again. Chapter three. In verse 17, it says, brethren, be followers together of me and mark them which mark them for which walk. So as you have for us an example from any walk of whom I’ve told you often and now tell you, even weakling, that they are the enemies of the cross of Christ, whose end is destruction. You see their end. Their end is destruction. Whose God is their belly, whose glory is their shame, who mind earthly things. I want you to notice that. Mind earthly things. You know why we get discouraged? Because we mind earthly things. You know why we get down in the dumps? You know why we stay gloomy? You know why we stay stressed? Because we’re minding earthly things. You think God knows about your power bill? Sure he does. You think God knows about your grocery bill? Sure he does. We talk to him, we pray to him. And God meets those needs. No reason for us to mind earthly things. Yeah, we’re to mind our bills, pay our bills. We’re to be aware of things that are going around us. But our lives should not be focused on earthly things. Amen. Now, there’s things we got to do each and every day. I know when I get up tomorrow morning and I go to work, I have a list of things I have to get done by 07:00. I have a list of things I have to get done by by 10:00. I know that I have to have certain things done by 02:00 and then by 04:00, hopefully, that’s when I start thinking about going home. Amen. I know what my day is going to consist of, but that’s not what I’m talking about. I’m talking about where our hope is, where our confidence is. It’s not in the stock market. It’s in heaven. It’s in the Lord Jesus Christ. We’re not to mind earthly things, but there’s something I want you to note here in verse 20 that I think was interesting for he says he says here for our conversation is in heaven. Now, if you look at that, you you think, well, that’s that’s a little strange. How can our conversation be in heaven? Well, when he’s talking about conversation, he’s talking about our citizenship. Our citizenship. Now, I’m not going to ask for a show of hands this morning because I believe everybody here is saved by the grace of God on the way to heaven. Amen. So you are a citizen of the United States of America, either by birth or by legal process, whatever the case may be. You are legal citizen United States, but you are also saved by the grace of God. You are a citizen of heaven. Now, as a citizen of Beckley, that’s where I live. That’s where I reside. But as a citizen of heaven, I’m actually away from home right now. I’m actually on a trip. I’m actually on a journey. I’m working my way back to that heavenly home. Amen. I’m working my way to the place from which God gave me birth. When God sparked life and gave me life at conception, he gave me a life that was eternal. And from the day I accepted Jesus Christ as my personal savior, my home then became heaven. That’s where my citizenship is. See, you’re a pilgrim and a stranger in this world. We study it. We look at it. We know it. We know that Abraham said he was a pilgrim and a stranger. He was looking for a city. Guess who else was looking for a city? Everybody under the sound of my voice is saved by the grace of God this morning is looking for a city whose builder and maker is God. We are traveling. We are so journeying in a strange land. Our home is in heaven. We have dual citizenship. We are a citizen of the United States of America on this side of eternity. But on the other side of eternity, my home is waiting on me. Amen. The Bible says our conversation is in heaven. Conversation references our citizenship for our behaviors. I want you to know what the Bible says in ephesians two. In verse four. You can you don’t have to turn theirs back a book. You can look back if you want to, but the Bible says this. But God, who is rich in mercy for his great love, wherewith he loved us even though we were dead. And sins hath quickened us together with Christ, hath raised us up together and made us sit together in the heavenly places in Christ Jesus. You know what that means? That means our table place has been set for us. We’re there. We’re just not there physically. We’re there. Heaven has a place reserved for you. You’re a born again child of God this morning. Now, I know we weep on this side for those who’ve gone, what we do, our hearts break, we grieve. But there’s no grieving over there. There’s no heartbreak over there. There’s no more cancer over there. There’s no more suffering over there. There’s no more doctors to have to go to, Brother Jim. There’s no more that, there’s no more surgeries. And I bless the Lord for nurses. Trust me, I live with one. Amen. I bless the Lord for them. I’m going to start charging for phone calls. Amen. We get phone calls all hours of the day. Your mom will call somebody else to call and say, hey, what about this? What about that? And Chris, she’ll go through and she’ll give her I’ll ask her 100 questions. She’s gracious to answer it, and I appreciate that. So I bless the Lord for the medical community. Amen. Amen. But I can tell you, all they’re doing is putting a bandaid on it. On this side of eternity, when I get to heaven, I’ll have a new body. Amen. I’m already there, brother. Andy. I’m already there. I know you’re looking at me and you’re seeing me, and that’s okay. What you’re seeing is this body. But as soon as this body quits breathing, I’m in heaven. I’ll take my last breath here and my next breath there. Amen. We’re seated, the Bible tells us, seated together makes us sit together in heavenly places. Now, we just referenced this verse a minute ago, but in Hebrews eleven, we covered this. We were talking about faith. The Bible says the Bible says these all died in faith. Not having received the promises, but having seen them. A far off. May I report to you this morning that that’s where we are today. We’re seeing those promises of heaven afar off. It’s there we’re going, and it’s real. They’ve been, he says, persuaded them and embraced him and confessed that we were strangers and pilgrims on the earth. That’s us. Just a stranger, just a pilgrim. I’m just passing through. Amen. That’s all we are this morning. And truly, if they’ve been mindful of that country from which they came, they might have had opportunity to have returned. Oh, my soul. You know what he’s saying? Don’t mind earthly things. Listen to that again. And truly, if they had been mindful of that country from which they came out, they may have had an opportunity to have returned. But now they desire a better country. You know what that means. Don’t mind earthly things. I love richwood. Ain’t nothing there. Nothing there. If somebody took the middle of nowhere, put a dot and drew roads to it and that’s richwood. There’s nothing there. My mom and dad are there. I grew up there. Have a lot of memories there, but there’s nothing there. And that’s what I consider home. When I go back, I feel at home there. But the older I get, starting to feel more like that’s not even my home anymore. My home is on the other side. Heaven is my home. I have my mom and dad still with me, and I bless the Lord for that each and every day, I thank God for that. Amen. Bless the Lord for that. I have grandparents that have gone on. I’ve had aunts and uncles that have gone on. I’ve had cousins that were not much older than I go on. I have a lot to go to heaven for, as the song said, more than I did yesterday. Amen. We all do. I want you to understand something this morning, when they bring my casket and they’ll be here in the church, by the way, when they bring it here and it’s sitting here, it’s okay to weep a little bit, all right? But don’t make a big to do if you don’t weep for somebody. Weep, for chris. Amen. Weep for Jacob. Weep for Ru wee. Weep for your pastor, weep for Ashley, but don’t weep for me. My soul, I’ll be in a much better place. Amen. I’ll be you know, I know we’re probably going to see what’s in the heaven, but if I could look down for him and I said, what’s wrong with you all? Amen. I know what it is. You are crying because you all ain’t here. Amen. You see, we need to understand something this morning. As real as the pews you’re sitting on is as real as heaven is a real place. Don’t mind earthly things. Don’t mind earthly things looking unto Jesus. Now I want to show you something. I’m all over my Sunday school lesson this morning. That’s the best thing about putting this lesson together. Amen. I never really stick to it. I just kind of bounce around. I want you to look at what the Bible says over in Book of Acts, chapter one, verse nine. We’ve looked at this. Our pastor’s preached on this, spoke about this recently. Acts, chapter one, verse nine. And when he had spoken these things while they beheld, he was taken up and a cloud received him out of their sight. That’s what’s going to happen to us one of these days. One of these were going to be received out of our sight into heaven. Amen. And while they looked steadfastly toward heaven as he went up, behold two men stood by them in white of para, which also said, you men have got to leave wise standing and gaze them up into heaven. This same Jesus which is taken up from you into heaven shall so come. And like manners. You’ve seen him go into heaven. You know what he’s telling us there? Who were the apostles looking at when he went on that day? They were looking at Jesus. Where was he going? Up into heaven. Where were their eyes focused at that moment? Up into heaven. And he’s telling him, he said, Why? Why stand ye gazing up into heaven? This same Jesus that came up is coming again. Now, here’s the truth. We know that Lord’s coming after us. We know that, we believe that. But here’s the truth. They were looking into heaven. They were looking unto Jesus. When we leave this world, we’ll be present with the Lord. And yes, I know it’s going to be a hard time. We’ll grieve, we’ll be sorrowful, we’ll be fool sorrow. I understand that. But remember this that hope that we have was given to us. By whom? Jesus Christ. And where is at this moment the Lord Jesus Christ. He’s in heaven. So where should we be looking on a daily basis? Into heaven? Not upon the world. Their trials or troubles, they’ll make you feel bad, they’ll make you feel awful. Watch the news, you’ll get depressed, you’ll get discouraged. Amen. Tell Chris. Chris leave Fox News on the night. Sometimes I wake up in the morning depressed. But I said, that’s why I bear leaving on QVC. Because then I wake up in the morning poor. I’d rather be depressed than poor. Amen. I wake up in the morning and somebody in there telling me, trying to sell face cream. I’m like, Lord, I need that. Bless Lord. Hallelujah. I wake up feeling like my face is dirty. Amen. But if you listen to the news, you listen to the TV, you listen to the world reports and all that’s going on, it’s nothing but depressing. And he tells us in our passage of scripture this morning, who’s in this destruction? Whose God is in their belly and whose glory is in their shame? Who mind earthly things. Don’t mind earthly things. Look to the heavenly things. It’s Christmas. Christmas is hard on a lot of folks this time of year because some folks have lost loved ones and they’re struggling with things. We know we’re going through it somewhat in our family. We see it, we understand it. Brother Jim mentioned that earlier. There’s people that are struggling right now. Some things our heartbreaks for him really does. What we should do and what we need to do is just put our hope, our faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, who’s in heaven. Let’s stand, let’s gaze up towards the heaven and know that that Jesus, that same Jesus is coming again for you and for me. He said, Why am I standing here gazing? So we talk about first thing we talk about, like I said, my son’s, school is all messed up. Blood is all messed up. But our citizenship is in heaven. Not the second heaven, but the third heaven, the one that Job mentions in Job 26, verse seven. He says he stretches out the north over the empty place and hang it to the earth upon nothing, upon that heaven. That’s where our Lord and Savior jesus Christ where Heaven is. No, we don’t have a telescope powerful enough to see it. No, where they’ll never have a telescope power enough to see you. Why? Because the Lord doesn’t want us to see it. We just see it by faith. Amen. I didn’t have to see the place where the ark rested over on Mount Ararat to know that there was a worldwide flood. Amen. I believe it. I don’t have to go to the Creation Museum to believe that God created the heavens and the earth in six real days because I believe it from the word of God this morning. I don’t need to see heaven. I believe it’s there because the Bible tells me a blessed promise. Now let’s move quickly because I don’t want to get bogged down. What’s already have for our conversation is in heaven. From whence also what? We look for the Savior. What tense is that word? Present. It’s not past. And it said look or look king would be maybe present participle, whatever, right? Something like that. That sounds good. Dawn. Andy, you’re impressed, aren’t you? You didn’t like to say big words, but that’s present we look the Bible says from whence also we look for the Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ. What? Who shall change our vile body. It’s okay, devil. Don’t like that at all. It’s okay, devil. We’re here. I can turn you off. So, Lord, we got this one right here. So notice that for our conversations, heaven went to also we look right now for the Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ. We’re not to mind earthly things, but we’re to look for the Savior. And when we see him face to face, what’s the Bible say? He shall change our vile body that it may be fashioned like unto his like unto his one day. I’ll have a glorified body. So we’re talking about heaven, right? To be encouraged, to be hopeful in the Lord, to be strengthened in the Lord. Can I encourage you this morning to know that for me it’s hard getting out of bed in the morning? Our bed is so high I have to fall off. It is. Chris will tell you she’s got a step stool on her side to climb up and get in. That’s how high it is. It’s about this high, right? I mean, you can look over it like this if you’re standing up next to it. But when I get out in the morning and I hit the floor, all that weight hits my back. My back is and then I don’t walk to the shower. I waddle. And if you’re old enough to understand what I’m saying this morning, you do the same thing. You get in the shower, you turn that hot water on, that back starts relaxing, you start to move a little bit, right? My hot shower is the highlight of my day. One day I won’t have those issues anymore. I go to work, I work all day long. I lift around, I act like I’m 25 years old. I’ll lift around, I’ll do what everybody else will do. And I won’t show them for a moment that it hurts, because I don’t want them to know. When I get home, I’m struggling through the door and I hurt. One day I’ll not hurt anymore. One day, by the bill, we won’t have to worry about this old tinker. Amen. We won’t have to worry about these lungs. We don’t have to worry about the COVID There’ll be no COVID in heaven. Hallelujah. Be no flu in heaven. I know Jessica will rejoice over that, but think about it. All the pain, all the stuff that the sin cursed world. Because of sin, we have these things. Because of disobeying God, we have these things. All these things are of all these sins, all these diseases, the breaking down of our bodies, the breaking down of all, everything that’s around us is because this world is under a curse. But one day we’ll be lifted from that curse. One day we will have a new body like unto his. You can rejoice this morning. Think about our loved ones who’ve gone on. Maybe they’ve passed. I had a fellow that ideally loved growing up, was a member of our church. An older gentleman who, when my granddad passed away, he encouraged me. He helped me. Just a good fella, somebody that you could look up to, somebody you want your kids to look up to. I was just a young man when my granddad passed away. I guess I was 13 years old. And it was the first time he really had been close to death or something like that. Well, that gentleman was walking down the street, took one step, but didn’t take the next. Had a massive heart attack or an aneurysm or something that took place. He hit the ground and that was it. That bothered me for a long time. I thought about that. I thought, why do things like that happen? Why does that happen? It’s because we’re in this sin cursed world. One day there’ll be no more grief. One day there’ll be no more pain. One day there’ll be no more heart attacks. Amen. One day there’ll be no more strokes. Heaven is a real place. Amen. And one of the things that we’ll receive when we get there will have when the rapture of the church takes place and our bodies and souls are reunited, you’ll have a new body. You’ll have a new body. I thought about those five porches. You remember those five porches here in the book of John, chapter. Number five where there was halt blind withered hand. Maimed, we talked about those folks. Won’t be none of that in heaven. Won’t be none of that, brother, we think about Jimmy do good, think about him. Won’t have to worry about that anymore, brother. We won’t have to worry about that anymore. We have to worry about those sins and sorrows and sicknesses. We think about brother Randall. We think about the brother Billy and sister Joan. We think about Sister Terry, and we think about folks in our church that are hurting right now. No more. Amen. Will that be? We will have a new body. Not only would I could encourage you this morning and tell you that we are all citizens of heaven on our way already seated there in heavenly places. Amen. But we’ll also have no more vile body will be fashioned likened to his. No more need for chemo treatments, no more need for medication, no more need for surgeries, no more sickness, no more pain, no suffering, no more leprosy, no blindness, no halt. No maim, no withered. We’ll have a new body. I want to give you this. In two Corinthians, chapter twelve, verse one, paul said it’s not expedient for me doubtless to glory I will come to visions and revelations of the Lord. He said I knew a man in Christ above 14 years ago. Whether in the body I cannot tell. Or whether out of the body I cannot tell. God knoweth such and one caught up to the third heaven. You know where he’s talking about, don’t you? That’s the heaven I knew such a man. Whether in body I cannot tell. God knoweth how he was caught up in paradise and heard unspeakable words which is not lawful for a man to utter. You know why none of those things can be said this morning when none of us want to stay here? You know why we’ve never heard any of those things before? Because none of us want to stay here. Like I said last week, if we could all of us have push a button and lead this life. If we could take everybody with us that we loved and we cared about. Lord gives us hope, he gives us encouragement, he gives us his word. He tells us this wonderful place, we’re already citizens there. And then the second thing and I would encourage you this morning is note this we will one day have a glorified body and it’ll be like unto his. So when you think about Heaven this morning and you think about what’s there and you think about the beauties of heaven, one of the greatest things other than seeing the Lord Jesus Christ I believe that we is the fact that we’ll have a new body. You won’t see any more of this baby that Chris asks prayer for you. You won’t see any more of that. All these babies that are slaughtered and murdered, you won’t see that anymore. We’ll see heaven and we’ll have a glorified body. All of us that are saved by the grace of God, like unto his. So what’s waiting on us? Well, one thing I take for short, glorified body. Amen. My citizenship is there, yours is there. We’re ready to go. Amen. Now here’s the hope, here’s the thing. There’s still work to do, there’s still souls to win. There’s still business about the Lord to be doing each and every day. There’s still tracks to be given out. They’re still being faithful to the house of God. They’re still doing the things that God would have to do. We got to do that each and every day. But take courage and knowing that soon this will all be behind this. Amenity. We will have new body. Mr. Prayer father in Heaven, thank you for the word of God, thank you for the help and the encouragement it gives us. Lord, I pray Father, somewhere, somebody needs to know, Father, that it’s going to be okay. Father is going to be all right. One of these days, Father, this will all pass. I can’t imagine those whom we love, we care about, that suffer daily because of things that have happened. I can’t imagine, Lord, people that are suffering today in our church, family that are hurting and people that are just struggling, I can’t imagine what they’re going through. But I asked your Father to help them to get a realization, just get a glimpse of what lies ahead. Father asked you to help them to see that we’re going to get a new body. Help them to see, Father, we’re sittings of Heaven, that this world is soon going to pass. Lord will all be together with Thee. Father, help us to stay faithful each and every day, doing what you would have us to do. But Father, help us to continue to look unto Jesus each and every day and have that hope in our heart that heaven is our home and Heaven awaits us. Father, once all this work on earth is done that you would have us to do, heaven will be our, our home. Lord, encourage and strengthen those that need help this morning. Love them, Lord, let them know that you love them. Put your arms around and about and we ask in Jesus name and amen.

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