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Heaven’s Cure For Earth’s Care

Sunday Morning 01/15/2023 – Evangelist Brian McBride

The bridegroom cometh. They’d blow the trumpet. That girl would come out, he’d take that young lady, they’d head back for the house. They were married already in the sight of society because the contract had been signed. But now they’re going to live happily ever after. That’s what’s going to happen with you and I. One of these days, Jesus is going to come. They’ll be the shout, the trump of God, the voice of the archangel, and the dead in Christ shall rise first. And we rich a lot. Heaven remains shall be caught up to the yellow of them in the clouds to meet the Lord in the air, and so shall we ever be with the Lord. And then Paul said this wherefore comfort one another with these words if you believe in heaven, this world isn’t all there is. Our brothers already mentioned it in Sunday school. Our life is like a vapor. When we first got married, Sherry and I were traveling. We lived in a 23 foot trailer. Pulled it with an old Dodge pickup truck, traveled around, preached. Sometime I’d go to a church and folks would say, can we see your trailer? That’s a nice trailer. They lived in a four bedroom house. They said, we’d like to see that nice trail. I said come on in. So I said, I’ll give you the tour. It’s 23 foot long now. So they walk in. I said now. Don’t move. Just stand there. I said, Right in front of you is the bathroom. I said, now turn to the right. There’s the bedroom. Now turn just a little bit like this. There’s the kitchen. And turn right there. There’s the living room. There’s the grand tour of the house because the bedroom was right next to the kitchen. Sometimes the stove is right there and the bedroom actually, you pull the little couch out and make it into a bed. But I remember one time I was laying there, and right next to me was the stove with little partition in between. And I don’t know. We don’t drink coffee and we don’t drink tea, so we must have been going to have hot chocolate. And Mama was she was boiling water in the in the kettle, and that vapor came up and it got about that high off the top of that kettle, and it was gone. James said, what is your life? It is even a vapor pierce for a little time, vanished at the way. Paul said, I reckon the sufferings of this present life, this present time, are not worthy to be compared with the glory which shall be revealed in us. You just think about heaven. You have a troubled heart. Think that what goes on in this life is just a vapor. Brother Mark’s already talked about this this morning, so I won’t belabor the point. But we have just a little while here at an eternity over yonder in the presence of God. I heard a story one time about a fellow who he said, if you had an acre of ground and that’s all you own, I have 1.7 acres. You owned an acre of ground and you found your neighbor with a shovel and he was getting hold of some of your dirt. You’d run out there and say, hey, I haven’t got that much. Believe that dirt. That’s mine. That’s not yours. But if you had hundreds of thousands of acres and your neighbor got a hold of a shovel of your dirt, you might not mind so much. I think about this in our life. Sometimes people get a shovel full out of our life. They take something from us. You ever been treated wrong? Ever been ill used? And we want to spend our life angry and bitter. What we forgot was we’ve got more than just an acre of life. We’ve got hundreds of thousands of acres as far as life goes over in the glory world. So if we lose a little shovelful here, what will it matter in eternity? Let’s just live on, have the joy of knowing heavens in front of us. And then, thirdly, believe in the reliability of the Scriptures. Here’s what he said. In my Father’s house are many mansions. If it were not so, I would have told you. He said you trust me. Believe what I have to say. I could get some help if I believe that the Bible is true, but there’s no errors in it. We’ve been through some unusual and interesting things lately. I was in Pigeon Forge. Every year we take three days off, we go to Pigeon Forge. So the second day we were there, I had migraine headaches. Had three of them in a row in the morning. And I’ve never had that happen before. And so I’m sitting there and I’m just getting over the third one. The spots are leaving my eyes, and Sherry is getting ready. And I felt my head and my head was numb all on this side. Numb down my ear and down my neck and in my shoulder. And I thought I was having a stroke. And so we went to the hospital. We spent the second day of our vacation in the hospital. All I can say is thank the Lord for Medicare. So we spent the day in the hospital. Man, I had every test you could imagine. I had an MRI. I had a Cat scan, I had blood work, I had EKG. I had it all. I had to put my fingers on the nose like that. It’s like this test me for being drunk. I don’t know. So anyway, it got better. It’s still just a little bit here. That’s been about a month ago. Still just a little bit numb right there. So they’ve decided now that it’s from the migraines. But in the midst of that, after that, we’re long. And Sherry’s reading on the Internet, and she said, you know, it says on here that if you’re having some kind of brain function trouble, which folks have accused me of for years, but brain function trouble, it won’t control your temperature, right? And I had taken my temperature that morning and what was it, Mama? 93.3 was my temperature, and I thought, that’s kind of low. I found out later, if you’re under 94, you’re in hypothermia. So then we took it again, it was 94.4. Sherry took it, hers was perfect. So I put this one under my tongue, 94.5. I got a different put it under my tongue, 94.5. Put it under her tongue, she’s perfect. So I said, well, there must be something wrong with this thermometer. So I went down to the Walgreens and I bought me a $70 thermometer. One of them you pointed your forehead, turned it on, what to say? 74.3, I’m hypothermic. I’m in Tennessee now. And I’ve called this preacher, and he said, well, I said, I got a preacher friend who runs a pharmacy, owns a pharmacy, let’s go see him. So we went and saw him, and I called my doctor. He said, Go to the emergency room. I don’t want to go back to the emergency. I’ve been to the emergency. I know what they do to you there. So we went down, and this fellow said, well, what kind of thermometer? I said, I’ve been two under my tongue, and one you point at. He said, Old ones that you point out they’re no good. I said, that’s what they use in the hospital. I won’t tell you all the things he said, but anyway, he said, Try this one. So he gets me a new thermometer, points it at my forehead. You know what it said? 98.4. I don’t know why it showed, Mama, right, but there’s something wrong with the thermometer. Now I got that new one he gave to me. You don’t point it, you stick it right against you, for or against your temple, like that. Every time I try it, you know what it is? 98.398.4. I finally got a measure that I could trust. You know what we have right here? A measure that we can trust. Most of the time, people give you advice. It’s like those first three thermometers. One of them is going to put you low. One of them is going to put you high. One of them’s going to say you’re right. One of them’s going to say you’re wrong. One of them’s going to say you’re in. One of them’s going to say you’re out. One of them’s going to say yes. One of them’s going to say no. But I’m glad I have a thermometer that always reads me right. It’s the Bible, and if I want to know the truth about things, I’ll get the Bible out. I’ll find out what the Bible has to say about it. It’s always correct. There are no errors in it. It is infallible. There’s nothing in there that’s not already settled in the heavens and true forever. Believe in the reliability of the Scripture. Here’s the fourth one. I didn’t think we’d get this fire. Believe in the security of the believer. He said this, I go and prepare a place for you. Now, this is unusual language to me. Verse number three. I go and prepare a place for you. I will come again now, watch this. And receive you unto myself. Well, that’s interesting wording to me. Why didn’t he say, I will come again and take you. I will come and get and get you. He said, I’ll come again and receive you. Now, that implies to me that someone else has me, and they’re going to give me to him that’d be receiving. Wonder who that someone else is. It’s the Holy Spirit of God. Here’s what Paul said in Ephesians. In Ephesians four said, grieve not the Holy Spirit of God, where by ye are sealed under the day of redemption. I’m glad I’m sealed. He said this in Ephesians also. He said, he’s given us the Holy Spirit of promise, which is the earnest of our inheritance. I like that earnest word. You go to buy a house, you put down a down payment. But they haven’t always called it a down payment. They used to call it an earnest payment. And what they were saying was, you got to give us enough money to show us you mean business, that you’re not a fly by night deal, but you’re going to see this thing through. We want to know that you’re earnest about when God sealed me with the Holy Ghost. What he was saying was, I want you to know I’m earnest about this. This ain’t a fly by night deal. You’re not going to lose what I’ve given you in 24 hours. You’re going to keep it forever. We’re kept I was preaching about David. One day, I think I may have preached to hear a shepherd like David. David said, the Lord is my shepherd. And what David was saying was, I’m a shepherd to my sheep like the Lord is a shepherd to his sheep. And I noticed the Bible said over there in one, Samuel 17, when David was going to go fight the giant, you remember what it said? Said he left the sheep with a keeper. He didn’t just run off and say, sheep, do the best you can until I get back. He left them with a keeper. You know what God has done? The Father and Jesus the Son. They’ve left us with the keeper, the Holy Ghost. He’s keeping us. We’re kept by the power of God. You say, well, preacher, what if I lose my salvation? If you got it from God, you can’t lose it. You didn’t make it happen, and you can’t make it stop happening. Are you listening? Now, the writer of Hebrews put it this way. He said that Jesus is the author of eternal salvation. That’s not just the quality of it, that’s the quantity of it. I’m saved forever, kept by the power of God. We’re safe. Safe in him. You know what that helps me. I had some more subpoenas, but I’m kind of just ignored them this morning. But you know what it helps me with? It helps me with my failures. Because I’ll tell you what I get troubled about, among other things, I get troubled about my failures, that I’m not what I wanted to be, and I didn’t do what I set out to do, and I did something I did not set out to do. And I look at myself and say, you sure did mess that up. Why didn’t you think before you spoke? Why didn’t you think before you typed? That’s what we have to think of today. Why didn’t you be aware that I look at myself and say, man, did you ever mess up? A lot of it is just Miles thinking pride. But you know what? God’s never going to let me go.
Doesn’t matter how many times I fail or how many times I’m not what I’m supposed to be, he will never let me go. Jesus sat down at the right hand of the throne of God, and the Bible said he ever live at to make intercession for the saints. This is the way I like to explain it. If you don’t like to explain it this way, you explain it different when you preach this way I like to explain it. God the Father, seated on the throne here in Jesus, sitting at his right hands, where the Bible said he is. So when I sin, the holiness of God is offended when I fail, and the holiness of God would say, we’re done with Him. But my intercessor said, no, I died for Him. We paid for him with my blood, we’re keeping him. That’s the way I like to think about it sometime. I’m not what I’m supposed to be, but Jesus ever liveth to make intercession for the saints. That’s why John said he said he said if we confess our sins, he’s faithful and just to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness. That’s first john one nine. But then in two one, it said this, my little children, I write into that you sin not. And if any man sin, we have an advocate with a father, which is Jesus Christ the righteous. We have an advocate. It’s not a defense lawyer, he’s an advocate. A defense lawyer tries to prove your innocence, even if you’re guilty. An advocate doesn’t try to prove anything. He just takes your side. He just helps you. He takes your part. I’m glad we’re kept we’re kept and then let me say this and I’ll be done, believe in the surety of the Second Coming. This helps me go on. We’ve really already mentioned these verses, but Jesus is coming, my brother mentioned it this morning. We don’t know when, but it ought to be soon. It ought to be soon. He’s going to come. I’ve told you these stories before, but I’ve only lived one life. I only have so many life experiences and I hate to borrow everybody else’s, but I used to work at Best of in Produce and I worked the graveyard shift. And I’d start at midnight on Sunday night and I work till 1030 Monday morning unloading railroad cars and trucks. Potatoes, tomatoes, watermelon, cantaloupe, bananas. You name it, we unloaded it. But then when there wasn’t a lot of things to unload then we would sort oranges. It come from California. We’d sort oranges. And so we’d have the boxes over here. You’d pick up the orange and make sure it didn’t have any mold on it. And if it had mold, you’d throw it away. And if it didn’t have mold, you’d put it in this other box. So probably, if I don’t know how long ago that would have been that’d been over 40 years ago, if you got a moldy orange, I might have been responsible and I apologize late. But I was also working an internship at a newspaper in the afternoons and so a lot of time from Sunday afternoon until Tuesday after 05:00, I never slept at all. And so you get in there Tuesday night in the middle of the night and you’re sorting oranges and you’re sitting down and you’re picking one up and you’re looking at one and pretty soon your eyes are as big as those oranges and you’re tired and you want to go to sleep. It was funny because I had an Uncle Chuck. He worked for the electric company and he passed away and his wife gave me all his shirts. So I had all these shirts that said Chuck on it. And I’d go to work and nobody knew what my name was. And I remember one time I was half asleep trying to work and the former guy said, hey, you there, Chuck, whoever you are, get to work. He said some other words I won’t repeat. But anyway, so here’s what we do. They had a warehouse and they had these long plastic strips that you drive through. Drive the forklift through and you couldn’t see real good, but you could see light through them. So what we do is we’d position those tables to where we’re sitting there and we’re looking through. We can see the eastern sky. And you know what we’re looking for? Look for the sun to come up. Because when the sun started coming up we knew it wouldn’t be too long. We’d be going home. I’d go home and get some rest while I have to go down to the newspaper, the internship. But rest was coming. Remember one time I went three days, I think it was, without sleep. And the boys called. They wanted to go play football in the snow. And so I did. And on the way home, I was driving home and I woke up down at the bottom of a ditch. I walked up and followed the tracks, but anyway, that’s beside the point. But we were looking to go home. I don’t know about you, but I’m looking to go home. I believe the Lord is coming. And the Bible said, a little while, and he that shall come will come and shall not. Terry somebody said, well, if the Lord tears is coming, I got news for you. He’s not. He’s coming right on time. And you look around and I know there are no signs that we look for for the rapture, but there are signs of the end times. And those signs are all around us. They’re everywhere. They arrested a woman the other day in England for praying. She never said a word out loud. She was praying next to an abortion clinic. She never said a word out loud. They asked her, what are you doing? She said, I was just praying in my spirit. They took her to jail. Those are the days we’re living in. They’re putting chips in the hands of people in Europe, in Sweden. They’re putting chips in the hands of people so they don’t have to carry the credit cards around. We’ve read all that in the Bible. We’ve read it the lawlessness that we’re surrounded with in the day we live. I’m telling you, Jesus is coming. He’s coming. Look up your redemption drawth, nigh. He’s coming. I hope you’re ready. Preacher was preaching out of that passage in two thessalonians four. Here’s what he said. He said, there’ll be the shout, the voice of the Arkansas, of the trump of God. The dead in Christ shall rise first, then we richer, alive and remain shall be caught. And he stopped right there and he preached on, where will the Lord catch you when he comes? Where will you be caught? It wouldn’t have been good if he’d have come during Sunday school and caught us in the Sunday school. Come in the morning service. Catch us in the morning service. Would it’d be good if he come in the evening service and he catches at church? Or catch us reading our Bible? Or catch us praying? Or catch us telling somebody about Jesus? We’re going to get caught one day. I know we’re caught up. I know we’re caught away, but we’re going to get caught. Our hearts can be comforted if we’re ready. Our preacher pastor, pastor, son in law said this and every man that had this hope in Him, I’m glad there’s hope in there. Purifies himself, even if he is pure. Jesus is coming. Is your heart troubled this morning? Troubled over something? Let’s do this. Let’s remember there’s heaven. Let’s remember, Jesus is God and he understands. Let’s remember there’s a heaven. Let’s remember the Bible is true. Let’s remember that he’s never going to let go of us. And let’s remember that he’s coming for us. And let’s find some comfort in that this morning. Comfort for a troubled heart. Heaven’s help. Heaven’s cure for earth’s care. I want you to bow. Your had submitted.

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