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Camp Meeting – 2023

Audio from The Fayette County Baptist Camp Meeting.

October 22 – 27, 2023

Friday Night 10/27/23 – Brother John Smith

“Grace Will Get The Job Done”

Thursday Night 10/26/23 – Evangelist Brian McBride

“Living With The Will Of God”

Thursday Night 10/26/23 – Brother Poke Shuler

“That God May Be Glorified”

Wednesday Night 10/25/23 – Evangelist Brian McBride

“You Can Trust Him In The Dark”

Wednesday Night 10/25/23 – Brother Brad Williams

“Are We Looking Up”

Tuesday Night 10/24/23 – Evangelist Brian McBride

“Thy Loving Kindness Is Better Than Life”

Tuesday Night 10/24/23 – Brother Sam Haynes

“Behind The Scenes”

Monday Night 10/23/23 – Evangelist Brian McBRide

“Marking Your Children For God”

Monday Night 10/23/23 – Brother J.P. Mays

“Jesus Is Still Coming”

Sunday Night 10/22/23 – Evangelist Brian McBride

“The See-Saw Of Sin”

Sunday Night 10/22/23 – Pastor Sam Vance

“Preach The Word

Sunday Morning 10/22/23 – Evangelist Brian McBride

“Accounting Of Faith”

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