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Biography of Evangelist Dale Vance

One beautiful spring day in 1975, a loving family in Alexandria, Virginia, brought home a baby boy, my brother, Samuel 'Dale' Vance. You see, we were to be reared by unsaved parents. Not only was our father not a Christian but he was an alcoholic. However, in August of that year, God changed our lives miraculously; our father got gloriously saved. We moved shortly thereafter to West Virginia. The following Easter morning, at our local church, our mother also received the Lord as her personal Savior.

Dale was saved at the age of 5 and spent most of his childhood in a small town, Athens, West Virginia. At our family's Bible-believing church, he was called to preach when he was 7 years old. He started attending a Christian School in the second grade and continued through his high school graduation in 1993. Although most of his teenage years were spent struggling with the calling of God, he was daily influenced by God fearing Christians. Our father, now called to preach, provided the stable example of what a true Christian looks like in this sinful world. At age 17, he walked away from a life threatening car crash. Immediately following, Dale fully surrendered his life to the Lord.

He attended school with a wonderful Christian girl named Rachael Akers. He had grown to love her with his whole heart and they were married in the summer of 1994. Both, now called to follow the Lordís path, proceeded to go to a nearby Bible College. They transferred to Crown College in Knoxville, TN, in 1995. Rachael graduated with a degree in education in 1998, and Dale was trained in Church Ministries, graduating in 1999.

Following graduation, he and Rachael moved back to West Virginia. Soon after, their precious daughter, Adalee Mae was born. He then had the immense opportunity to be assistant pastor of Packs Branch Baptist Church. He experienced there, under our father, what no college can teach. Furthermore, he pastored a small church in southern West Virginia where he, once again, acknowledged God's guidance and wisdom. He was also called to be a part of the ministry of our former aging pastor. He was currently working in the church where he received the Lord and was called to preach as a child. With his consuming passion for souls, it was at this time he was called to be an evangelist.

He now preaches deep, practical messages across the United States, praying to reach the lost and edify the lives of Christians. With sincere humility for the older saints of God and scripturally accurate literature, he continues to expand his spiritual knowledge daily. His life sermons convey that he is truly endued with power from on high. In correlation with Charles Spurgeon for his Biblically determined individualism, his life verse declares it all, "He must increase but I must decrease." (John 3:30)

Stacie Young - Ecclesiastes 7:5

Sermons By Evangelist Dale Vance

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