The Fayette County Baptist Camp Meeting is an annual event that is hosted at and by Packs Branch Baptist Church. Our services began at 7pm each night. We also had the "Master's Fellowship" service on Tuesday morning. I have posted most of the singing and messages from our camp meeting as well as a few photos. There will not be any more updates made to this page. If you would like a set of audio CDs of our camp meeting, send an email to: webmaster@pbbc-online.org with your name and mailing address. I will be taking orders until around the middle of November.

This year’s camp meeting schedule:

  • Sunday School, 10/19 - 10am - Brian McBride
  • Morning Worship, 10/19 - 11am - Brian McBride
  • Sunday Night, 10/19 - 7pm - Brian McBride
  • Monday, 10/20 - 7pm - Mike Whisman / Brian McBride
  • Tuesday, 10/21 - 10am - Master's Fellowship - Rex Carter / Eddie Goddard / Brian McBride
  • Tuesday, 10/21 - 7pm - Youell Altizer / Brian McBride
  • Wednesday, 10/22 - 7pm - Brian McBride
  • Thursday, 10/23 - 7pm - Milton Carr / John Smith
  • Friday, 10/24 - 7pm - John Smith

In the days just prier to our camp meeting, The men gathered in Cedar Bluff VA for a time of prayer, study and fellowship. Brother Butch Tyree took a few pictures. Click Here to see the pictures from the 2008 Men's Retreat.

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October 19th, 2008

11:00 AM - Morning Worship Service
Here are three songs by the McBride Family and Brother Brian McBride's message from our morning worship service. Just click on a link below to listen.

07:00 PM - Sunday Night Service
Tonight we had another good time in the Lord. The McBride family sang some wonderful gospel songs and Brother McBride preached a real heart stirring message. Just click on a link below to listen.

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October 20th, 2008

07:00 PM
We had a spirit filled service tonight with some more wonderful singing by the McBride Family. We heard two preachers tonight, Brother Mike Whisman and Brother Brian McBride. Click on the following links to listen.

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October 21st, 2008

10:00 AM - Master's Fellowship
Here are a few songs by the McBride Family, messages by Rex Carter, Eddie Goddard and Brian McBride. Click on a link to listen.

07:00 PM
We had another wonderful service tonight. Christ honoring singing, and old time preaching. Here a few more songs, and a message by Brother Youell Altizer.

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October 22nd, 2008

07:00 PM
Brother Brian McBride preached a great message on having joy when in the jail house. Here are some more great songs by the McBride Family and Brother Barry Spears, and Brother McBrides message. Click on a link to listen.


October 23rd, 2008

Tonight we have two new preachers to our camp meeting. Brother Milton Carr and Brother John Smith. We also have a song by Brother Barry Spears. Click on a link to listen.


October 24th, 2008

Tonight was the last night of our exciting camp meeting. Click on the link to hear Brother John Smith's message.

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