The Fayette County Baptist Camp Meeting is an annual event that I have been posting online since 2005. The meetings are hosted at and by Packs Branch Baptist Church. Our services begin at 7pm each night. Check back often, I will be updating this page all week. I will posted most of the singing and messages from our camp meeting as well as a few photos. This year I am planning to post a few video clips from the meetings. If you would like a set of audio CDs of our camp meeting, send an email to: webmaster@pbbc-online.org with your name and mailing address. I will be taking orders until around the middle of November.

This year I have a few video clips from the camp meeting. I hope you enjoy them and that they are as much a blessing to you as they were to me!

  • The Lindseys - Bought By The Blood

  • The Lindseys - Redeemed
    If you would like to hear more of Joshua and Caleb, There is a lot of their music at Old Path Sermons

  • The McBride Family - Two Coats

  • The McBride Family - I'll Fly Away

  • Adalee Vance & The McBride Family

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October 24th, 2010

10:00 AM - Sunday School Service
We had nearly a full house this morning as we began our camp meeting. The McBride family sang a few songs and brother Brian McBride taught a wonderful lesson in Sunday School. Click on links to listen.

11:00 AM - Morning Worship Service
After a short break, we continued into our morning worship service. The singing of the McBride family was truly heavenly inspired. Brother Brian McBride preached another powerful message! Click on the links below to listen.

07:00 PM - Sunday Night Service
Tonight’s service was a spirit filled service. We had wonderful singing by the McBride family and a inspiring message about making a break through by brother Brian McBride. Click on the links to listen.

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October 25th, 2010

07:00 PM
Tonight we were blessed by the singing of Lindsey Brothers Joshua & Caleb, and the McBride family. Also two powerful messages by Youell Altizer and Brian McBrid. Click on links to listen.

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October 26st, 2010

07:00 PM
It's almost impossible to explain tonight’s service. The Spirit of the Lord was in the place. We heard many wonderful songs and such Spirit filled preaching, that a two hour service seemed like 30 mins. Click on the links below to listen.

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October 27nd, 2010

07:00 PM
Another great service! Songs by the McBride Family, Packs Branch Baptist Church Choir, Adalee Vance & Barry Spears. Two great messages by Gary Williams and Brian McBride. Click links to listen.

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October 28rd, 2010

Tonights preachers were Chuck Trent and John Smith. Singing by the McBride Family.

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October 29th, 2010

The last night of camp meeting we were blessed by the singing of Barry Spears, Adalee Vance and the Teays Valley Baptist Church Choir. Brother John Smith brought the final Camp Meeting message. Click on the folling links to listen.