Welcome to our 2012 Fayette County Baptist Camp Meeting web site. This is our 14th annual Camp Meeting. This is a week of old fashion singing, preaching and praising the Lord. Look around, listen, watch, enjoy and share this web site with someone else.

CD Set

If you would like to have a set of audio CDs of our camp meeting, just send us an email. Include your name and mailing address in the email. There is no charge for the CDs. Allow about 2 weeks for the set to be mailed to you. I will be accepting orders until the middle of November.

Welcome Brother McBride and family!

We would like to welcome Brother McBride and his family to our church. They will be singing this week and Brother McBride will be preaching through Thursday. Continue to pray for their ministry. It is always a blessing to have them share this time with us. Next week, the McBrides will be at Graystone Baptist Church in Lewisburg, then back in town at Cranberry Baptist Church the week of November 4th. The McBrides are a part of our church family!