Sermon Archive - 2007

Click on the links below to listen to sermons by our pastor, Sam Vance and sermons by others at special services we have had at our church. Audio files are in mp3 format with a bit rate low enough to stream to your computer on a dial-up connection.

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12/31/2007 Brother Jeff Stacy "He Restorith My Soul"
12/30/2007 Pastor Sam Vance "How Beautiful Heaven Must Be"
12/23/2007 Pastor Sam Vance "Emmanuel"
12/16/2007 Pastor Sam Vance "Nothing Is Impossable With God"
12/09/2007 Evangelist Dale Vance "We Believe By Faith"
12/02/2007 Evangelist Dale Vance "Church, Beware"
11/25/2007 Pastor Sam Vance "Dig A Well Fit For A King"
11/18/2007 Pastor Sam Vance "Our Advocate"
11/04/2007 Pastor Sam Vance "A Voice Crying From The Wilderness"
10/28/2007 Pastor Sam Vance "The Mighty Fortress Is Our God"
10/14/2007 Pastor Sam Vance "Being Delivered"
10/07/2007 Pastor Sam Vance "In The Beginning: GOD"
09/30/2007 Evangelist Dale Vance "The Confidence of Salvation"
09/23/2007 Brother Jerry Bloxton "The Daysman"
09/16/2007 Brother Alva Blankenship "Lord I Have Not Forgotten"
09/09/2007 Pastor Sam Vance "When He Shall Come"
09/02/2007 Pastor Sam Vance "The Elder Son"
09/02/2007 Pastor Sam Vance "What Shall I Do With Jesus"
08/29/2007 Evangelist Dale Vance "Salvation Without Comitment"
08/19/2007 Evangelist Dale Vance "Grace That Is Greater Than All Our Sins"
08/19/2007 Pastor Sam Vance "We Have Been Set Free"
08/12/2007 Brother James Knox "Being a Soul Winner"
08/12/2007 Brother James Knox "Jesus Brags on John the Baptist"
08/12/2007 Brother James Knox "One Meditor"
08/05/2007 Brother Bob Sanders "The Testing of Love"
07/29/2007 Pastor Sam Vance "How Does Your Garden Grow?"
07/22/2007 Pastor Sam Vance "Our Anchor Holds"
07/15/2007 Brother Eddie Goddard "Enlarge The Kingdom Of God"
07/08/2007 Pastor Sam Vance "Jesus Is Everything"
07/01/2007 Pastor Sam Vance "Blessed Is The Nation"
06/24/2007 Pastor Sam Vance "Is The Lord's Hand Short?"
06/17/2007 Pastor Sam Vance "Abraham;Father of the Year"
06/10/2007 Pastor Sam Vance "What Shall We Do With Jesus"
06/03/2007 Pastor Sam Vance "The Evil Of Backsliding"
05/27/2007 Pastor Sam Vance "Remove Not The Ancient Landmarks"
05/20/2007 Pastor Sam Vance "How Rch We Are"
05/13/2007 Pastor Sam Vance "Three Generations"
05/06/2007 Brother Jeff Stacy "Jesus Is In The House"
05/06/2007 Pastor Sam Vance "You Cant Hide Jesus"
04/29/2007 Pastor Sam Vance "The Unknown God"
04/22/2007 Pastor Sam Vance "A Vessel of Honor"
04/15/2007 Evangelist Dale Vance "Roots"
04/15/2007 Evangelist Dale Vance "The Reason For The Resurrection"
04/08/2007 Pastor Sam Vance "Blessed Assurance"
04/01/2007 Pastor Sam Vance "The Acceptance"
03/25/2007 Pastor Sam Vance "The Love Of Calvery"
03/18/2007 Pastor Sam Vance "Follow The Lord Thy God"
03/11/2007 Pastor Sam Vance "Abundant Living"
03/04/2007 Pastor Sam Vance "Bringing Up Our Children"
02/25/2007 Pastor Sam Vance "They Had Been With Jesus"
02/18/2007 Pastor Sam Vance "The Cross"
02/11/2007 Pastor Sam Vance "Open The Door"
02/04/2007 Evangelist Dale Vance "God's Prospective"
02/04/2007 Pastor Sam Vance "Eternal Insurance"
01/31/2007 Evangelist Dale Vance "The Spirit That Has Come"
01/28/2007 Pastor Sam Vance "Building Our House"
01/21/2007 Evangelist Dale Vance "The Remerance Of A Servant"
01/14/2007 Pastor Sam Vance "Staying on the Old Paths"
01/07/2007 Brother Roger Hatfield "What will you do with Jesus"

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Pastor Sam and Brother Dale preach daily on WMLJ radio. To listen to some of these messages, click here. These are short messages of about thirteen and a half minutes each.

One of the missionaries our church supports is Evangelist Dale Vance. We have recorded several sermons by brother Dale when he is at home with us. Click Here to learn a little about brother Dale and to view a list of, and listen to some of his messages.