Sermon Archive - 2008

Click on the links below to listen to sermons by our pastor, Sam Vance and sermons by others at special services we have had at our church. Audio files are in mp3 format with a bit rate low enough to stream to your computer on a dial-up connection.

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12/31/2008 Evangelist Dale Vance "The Hand Of The Lord Was With Them"
12/28/2008 Pastor Sam Vance "Bible Revival"
12/21/2008 Pastor Sam Vance "What Will I Do With His Son?"
12/14/2008 Evangelist Dale Vance "Learning To Live In Bad Times"
12/14/2008 Pastor Sam Vance "When They Saw The Star"
12/07/2008 Evangelist Dale Vance "My Soul Is In Prison"
11/30/2008 Evangelist Dale Vance "Two Crowds"
11/30/2008 Pastor Sam Vance "Thou Shalt Remember"
11/23/2008 Pastor Sam Vance "Where Are The Nine"
11/16/2008 Pastor Sam Vance "The Story Of Redemption"
11/09/2008 Pastor Sam Vance "Clay In The Potters Hand"
11/02/2008 Pastor Sam Vance "Foolish or Faithfull"
10/26/2008 Evangelist Dale Vance "Because The Days Are Evil"
10/19/2008 Camp Meeting Messages "Camp Meeting Messages"
10/12/2008 Pastor Sam Vance "I'll Just Keep Preachin'"
10/12/2008 Pastor Sam Vance "To Whom Shall We Go?"
10/05/2008 Evangelist Dale Vance "Are You Happy With Jesus Alone"
09/28/2008 Brother Alva Blankenship "Cancer of the Soul"
09/21/2008 Pastor Sam Vance "Living The Christian Life"
09/21/2008 Pastor Sam Vance "Where Is Your Hope"
09/14/2008 Pastor Sam Vance "The Strength For Christian Living"
09/07/2008 Pastor Sam Vance "The Common People"
09/03/2008 Evangelist Dale Vance "Too Far and Too Late"
08/31/2008 Pastor Sam Vance "Where Is Your Heart"
08/24/2008 Pastor Sam Vance "Grow in Grace and Knowledge"
08/17/2008 Pastor Sam Vance "The First Step"
08/10/2008 Brother James Knox "Working In The Lord's Field"
08/10/2008 Brother James Knox "Everybody In The Church Is Needed"
08/10/2008 Brother James Knox "Nothing But Jesus Will Satisfy"
08/03/2008 Brother Jerry Bloxton "To Them That Love God"
08/03/2008 Pastor Sam Vance "They Were All Amazed"
07/27/2008 Pastor Sam Vance "Faith of our Fathers"
07/20/2008 Pastor Sam Vance "Nets Empty or Nets Full"
07/13/2008 Evangelist Dale Vance "If Any Man Suffer As a Christian"
07/06/2008 Evangelist Dale Vance "He Did Not Many Mighty Works"
07/06/2008 Pastor Sam Vance "My Beloved Brethern"
06/08/2008 Brother Eddie Goddard "They Went Another Way"
06/08/2008 Brother Eddie Goddard "Sunday School"
06/01/2008 Pastor Sam Vance "The Importance of One"
05/25/2008 Pastor Sam Vance "Rememberance"
05/14/2008 Brother Jerry Bloxton "Begotten"
05/11/2008 Pastor Sam Vance "A Virtuous Woman"
05/04/2008 Pastor Sam Vance "Upon This Rock"
04/27/2008 Pastor Sam Vance "My Church"
04/20/2008 Pastor Sam Vance "After Revival"
04/13/2008 Spring Revival Messages "Spring Revival Messages"
04/06/2008 Evangelist Dale Vance "What A Mighty God We Serve"
03/30/2008 Pastor Sam Vance "The Key To Revival"
03/23/2008 Evangelist Dale Vance "The Power Of The Resurrection"
03/23/2008 Evangelist Dale Vance "We Go Up To Jerusalem"
03/16/2008 Pastor Sam Vance "A New Crowd"
03/09/2008 Pastor Sam Vance "Commitment"
03/02/2008 Evangelist Dale Vance "We Are One"
03/02/2008 Pastor Sam Vance "Where Is Your Confidence?"
02/24/2008 Evangelist Dale Vance "Are You Ready?"
02/24/2008 Pastor Sam Vance "Stay the Course"
02/17/2008 Evangelist Dale Vance "Does The World Hate Me"
02/17/2008 Pastor Sam Vance "Take a stand for Jesus"
02/10/2008 Evangelist Dale Vance "The Love Of God"
02/03/2008 Pastor Sam Vance "Stand Up For The Lord"
01/27/2008 Pastor Sam Vance "Looking Beyond The Troubles Of Life"
01/20/2008 Pastor Sam Vance "The Marvelous Grace Of God"
01/16/2008 Evangelist Dale Vance "Who Am I?"
01/13/2008 Pastor Sam Vance "What God Wants Us To Be"
01/06/2008 Brother Roger Hatfield "Treasures Of Your Heart"

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Pastor Sam and Brother Dale preach daily on WMLJ radio. To listen to some of these messages, click here. These are short messages of about thirteen and a half minutes each.

One of the missionaries our church supports is Evangelist Dale Vance. We have recorded several sermons by brother Dale when he is at home with us. Click Here to learn a little about brother Dale and to view a list of, and listen to some of his messages.