Sermon Archive - 2009

Click on the links below to listen to sermons by our pastor, Sam Vance and sermons by others at special services we have had at our church. Audio files are in mp3 format with a bit rate low enough to stream to your computer on a dial-up connection.

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12/31/2009 Brother Tom Milam "Every Knee Shall Bow"
12/31/2009 Evangelist Dale Vance "How Do I remain Strong In The Lord?"
12/27/2009 Pastor Sam Vance "Special Gifts For Our Savior"
12/27/2009 Evangelist Dale Vance "Through The Trials"
12/16/2009 Evangelist Dale Vance "Last Days"
12/13/2009 Pastor Sam Vance "The Gift That God Gave Us"
12/06/2009 Evangelist Dale Vance "All Nations Before Him Are As Nothing"
12/06/2009 Evangelist Dale Vance "Faith and Works"
11/29/2009 Brother David Epps "Coming To The Knowledge Of The Truth"
11/22/2009 Pastor Sam Vance "Heaven & The Family"
11/15/2009 Pastor Sam Vance "The Excellent Name Of Jesus"
11/08/2009 Pastor Sam Vance "Veterans of the Hall of Fame Of Faith"
11/01/2009 Evangelist Dale Vance "The Church"
10/25/2009 Camp Meeting "See Camp Meeting Web Page"
10/18/2009 Pastor Sam Vance "Wanting Revival"
10/11/2009 Pastor Sam Vance "Where Could I Go, But To The Lord?"
10/04/2009 Pastor Sam Vance "Remember Where The Lord Has Brought Us From"
09/27/2009 Evangelist Dale Vance "Job's Trick"
09/20/2009 Pastor Sam Vance "Will We Know Each Other In Heaven?"
09/13/2009 Pastor Sam Vance "But After That"
08/30/2009 Brother Tim Carte "Victorious Life By Faith"
08/23/2009 Evangelist Dale Vance "Does God Have Respect For Your Offering?"
08/23/2009 Pastor Sam Vance "The Grace Of God"
08/16/2009 Pastor Sam Vance "The Family Of God"
08/09/2009 Brother James Knox "One Mind"
08/09/2009 Brother James Knox "The Elder Brother"
08/09/2009 Brother James Knox "How To Be A Good Christian"
08/02/2009 Pastor Sam Vance "Song Of Zion"
07/26/2009 Pastor Sam Vance "Preach The Gospel"
07/19/2009 Evangelist Dale Vance "Leave All"
07/12/2009 Pastor Sam Vance "Not For Sale"
07/05/2009 Pastor Sam Vance "The Blood Of Jesus"
06/28/2009 Pastor Sam Vance "Things That Don't Change"
06/21/2009 Pastor Sam Vance "As For Me And My House..."
06/14/2009 Brother Eddie Goddard "Don't Bind The Hands Of Christ"
06/07/2009 Pastor Sam Vance "The Grace Of God"
05/24/2009 Pastor Sam Vance "Remove Not The Ancient Landmarks"
05/17/2009 Pastor Sam Vance "Building an Ark"
05/10/2009 Pastor Sam Vance "Jochebed, The Mother Of Moses"
05/03/2009 Evangelist Dale Vance "All The Nations, Before Him, Are Nothing"
04/26/2009 Pastor Sam Vance "Things That Can Not Be Shaken"
04/19/2009 Pastor Sam Vance "The Return Of Christ"
04/12/2009 Evangelist Dale Vance "Hear Ye The Lord"
04/12/2009 Pastor Sam Vance "The Death, Burial, and Resurrection of Christ"
04/12/2009 Brother Gary Williams "He Is Risen!"
04/05/2009 Various "Spring Revival Messages"
03/29/2009 Pastor Sam Vance "Four Questions"
03/22/2009 Brother David Epps "Persuade Men To Become Christians"
03/22/2009 Pastor Sam Vance "Christ's Farewell Ministry"
03/15/2009 Pastor Sam Vance "Do You Weep For Your Loved Ones?"
03/08/2009 Pastor Sam Vance "Set Your Affections On Things Above"
03/08/2009 Pastor Sam Vance "Who Holds The Keys To Your Heart?"
03/01/2009 Pastor Sam Vance "In Christ"
02/22/2009 Evangelist Dale Vance "Separation (Living Holy)"
02/22/2009 Evangelist Dale Vance "Discipleship"
02/15/2009 Pastor Sam Vance "The Old Ship Of Zion"
02/15/2009 Pastor Sam Vance "Remind Me Dear Lord"
02/08/2009 Pastor Sam Vance "Things We Shouldn't Forget"
02/01/2009 Pastor Sam Vance "Pearl of Great Price"
01/25/2009 Pastor Sam Vance "You Reap What You Sow"
01/18/2009 Pastor Sam Vance "Things to Remember"
01/11/2009 Brother Wayne Holder "A Person After God's Own Heart"
01/04/2009 Pastor Sam Vance "Sweet Fellowship With God"

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Pastor Sam and Brother Dale preach daily on WMLJ radio. To listen to some of these messages, click here. These are short messages of about thirteen and a half minutes each.

One of the missionaries our church supports is Evangelist Dale Vance. We have recorded several sermons by brother Dale when he is at home with us. Click Here to learn a little about brother Dale and to view a list of, and listen to some of his messages.