Sermon Archive - 2011

Click on the links below to listen to sermons by our pastor, Sam Vance and sermons by others at special services we have had at our church. Audio files are in mp3 format with a bit rate low enough to stream to your computer on a dial-up connection.

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Evangelist Dale Vance The Low Estate of His Handmaiden
12/18/2011 Pastor Sam Vance A Gift That Keeps On Giving
12/11/2011 Pastor Sam Vance We Are Not Our Own
12/04/2011 Evangelist Dale Vance What is Distracting You From Jesus
11/27/2011 Pastor Sam Vance The Leadership Of The Holy Spirit
11/20/2011 Pastor Sam Vance The Great Giver
11/13/2011 Pastor Sam Vance In The Army Of God
11/06/2011 Pastor Sam Vance Obedience to the Faith
10/30/2011 Pastor Sam Vance Christs Ministry After His Resurrection
10/23/2011 Brother Brian McBride Camp Meeting Messages
10/16/2011 Pastor Sam Vance Christ Who Is Our Life
10/09/2011 Pastor Sam Vance What Kind Of Pattern Are You?
10/02/2011 Pastor Sam Vance What Should I Do Unto Thee?
09/24/2011 Pastor Sam Vance Sow In Tears Reap In Joy
09/18/2011 Pastor Sam Vance Is Your Heart Established In The Lord?
09/11/2011 Pastor Sam Vance A Picture Of The Last Days
09/04/2011 Pastor Sam Vance Your Testimony
08/28/2011 Pastor Sam Vance Looking Up
08/21/2011 Pastor Sam Vance The Apple Of His Eye
Brother James Knox And After That
Brother James Knox A Good Name
08/07/2011 Pastor Sam Vance The Prayers of Fellowship
07/31/2011 Pastor Sam Vance The Possession of Fellowship
07/24/2011 Pastor Sam Vance The Portrait of Fellowship
07/17/2011 Pastor Sam Vance The Pleasures Of Fellowship
07/10/2011 Brother Eddie Goddard Have No Other gods
07/03/2011 Brother Eddie Goddard Look Unto Me
06/26/2011 Evangelist Dale Vance Where Is Joshua
(Fathers Day)
Pastor Sam Vance Fathers
06/12/2011 Brother Eddie Goddard Faith Promise
06/05/2011 Alvie Blankinship The Enemy Thats Not Being Preached On
05/29/2011 Pastor Sam Vance Freedom Is Not Free
05/22/2011 Pastor Sam Vance Growing Our Faith
05/15/2011 Pastor Sam Vance Remind Me Dear Lord
(Mothers Day)
Pastor Sam Vance The Godly Mother Of The Year
05/01/2011 Pastor Sam Vance Preach The Word
Pastor Sam Vance A Blessed Hope
04/17/2011 Pastor Sam Vance What The Cross Accomplished
04/10/2011 Brother Chuck Trent Spring Revival Messages
04/03/2011 Pastor Sam Vance A Bible Christian
03/27/2011 Pastor Sam Vance The Perfect Day
03/20/2011 Pastor Sam Vance Citizens Of The House Of God
03/13/2011 Pastor Sam Vance Living In Christ Jesus
03/06/2011 Pastor Sam Vance Wholly Serve the Lord
(Youth Revival)
Evangelist Dale Vance The Power Of God
(Youth Revival)
Evangelist Dale Vance The Same Power
02/27/2011 Pastor Sam Vance Be Ye Holy
02/20/2011 Pastor Sam Vance One Sacrifice Forever
02/13/2011 Pastor Sam Vance No Turning Back
02/06/2011 Pastor Sam Vance Abrahams Sacrifice
01/30/2011 Pastor Sam Vance After These Things
01/21/2011 Pastor Sam Vance Do You Know Him?
01/16/2011 Evangelist Dale Vance When God Speaks
01/09/2011 Pastor Sam Vance What Leads Us To Rest
01/05/2011 We were blessed to have the McBride family with us tonight.
Brother Brian McBride brought the message and the family sang.
Here are a few songs to go along with the message listed below.
01/05/2011 The McBride Family How Marvelous
01/05/2011 The McBride Family Im Ready
01/05/2011 The McBride Family The Sparrow Song
01/05/2011 The McBride Family Two Coats
01/05/2011 The McBride Family What Would You Give?
01/05/2011 Brother Brian McBride Are you Weaned From The World?
01/02/2011 Pastor Sam Vance Go For The Gold

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Pastor Sam and Brother Dale preach daily on WMLJ radio. To listen to some of these messages, click here. These are short messages of about thirteen and a half minutes each.

One of the missionaries our church supports is Evangelist Dale Vance. We have recorded several sermons by brother Dale when he is at home with us. Click Here to learn a little about brother Dale and to view a list of, and listen to some of his messages.