Sermon Archive - 2012

Click on the links below to listen to sermons by our pastor, Sam Vance and sermons by others at special services we have had at our church. Audio files are in mp3 format with a bit rate low enough to stream to your computer on a dial-up connection.

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New Years Eve Watch Night Service
12/31/2012 Dale Vance
God Is In Control
12/31/2012 Adalee & Dale Vance How Marvelous
12/31/2012 Adalee & Dale Vance What My God Can Do
12/31/2012 Adalee & Dale Vance Serving God
12/31/2012 JP Mayes
Why The Devil Cant Prevail
12/31/2012 Crissy Pittman Edwards Going Home
12/31/2012 Adalee Vance Haven Of Rest
12/31/2012 Rachel & Eric Davis Peace Like A River
12/31/2012 Stacy Young Let The Blood Speak For Me
12/31/2012 Rachel & Eric Davis
with the PBBC Choir
Did I Mention
12/31/2012 PBBC Choir Bless The Lord

Pastor Sam's Sunday Night message.
12/30/2012 Pastor Sam Vance New Goals In Our Life

Due to a recording error, Pastor Sam's morning message did not get recorded. I am posting this morning's Sunday School message by Brother Mark Davis in it's place.
12/30/2012 Brother Mark Davis Seek Ye First The Kingdom Of God

12/23/2012 Pastor Sam Vance God With Us
12/16/2012 Pastor Sam Vance The Gift That God Gives
12/09/2012 Evangelist Dale Vance
Sunday Night
Obey God Rather Than Man (part 2)
12/09/2012 Evangelist Dale Vance
Sunday Morning
Obey God Rather Than Man (part 1)
12/02/2012 Pastor Sam Vance The Word Of God
11/25/2012 Pastor Sam Vance Thanksgiving in Hard Times
11/18/2012 Pastor Sam Vance Two Places
11/11/2012 Pastor Sam Vance Blood Bought Our Freedom
11/04/2012 Pastor Sam Vance Jesus Is In Control
10/28/2012 Pastor Sam Vance Our God Never Changes
10/21/2012 10/26/2012 2012 Camp Meeting
10/14/2012 Brother Alva Blankenship Surprises
10/07/2012 Pastor Sam Vance The Battle Cry From A Servant
09/30/2012 Evangelist Dale Vance The Marriage - part two
09/26/2012 Evangelist Dale Vance The Marriage - part one
09/23/2012 Pastor Sam Vance Success All The Way
09/16/2012 Brother Alva Blankenship What Are You Going To Do
09/09/2012 Pastor Sam Vance What Is Taking You Away From God
09/02/2012 Pastor Sam Vance Only One Gospel
08/26/2012 Pastor Sam Vance The Precious Blood Of Christ
08/19/2012 Pastor Sam Vance What Great Things God Has Done For Us
Brother James Knox
(Sunday Afternoon)
Wise as The Ants
Brother James Knox
(Morning Worship)
Dont Be Ignorant
Brother James Knox
(Sunday School)
Dont Be Easily Offended
08/05/2012 Pastor Sam Vance Stand Up
07/29/2012 Pastor Sam Vance The Danger Of A False Profession
07/22/2012 Pastor Sam Vance What Will It Take
07/15/2012 Pastor Sam Vance Restoring Fellowship
07/08/2012 Pastor Sam Vance The Glorious Liberty
06/24/2012 Pastor Sam Vance Giving An Account
06/17/2012 Pastor Sam Vance Attributes Of A Great Father
06/03/2012 Pastor Sam Vance What Is Your Delight?
05/27/2012 Pastor Sam Vance Being A Good Solider
05/20/2012 Pastor Sam Vance What Is Your Legacy?
(Mothers Day)
Pastor Sam Vance Elisabeth - Mother Of The Year
05/06/2012 Pastor Sam Vance We Owe A Debt
04/29/2012 Pastor Sam Vance Our Christian Journey
04/22/2012 Pastor Sam Vance Help In The Time Of Discouragement
(Sunday Night)
Pastor Sam Vance Facing The Giants Of Worry
04/15/2012 Pastor Sam Vance The Old Paths
(Sunday Night)
Pastor Sam Vance My Transgressions Are Forgiven
Pastor Sam Vance The Ministry After The Resurrection
04/01/2012 Pastor Sam Vance To Save The Sinner
03/25/2012 Pastor Sam Vance What Kind Of Faith Do You Have?
03/18/2012 Evangelist Dale Vance Spring Revival
03/11/2012 Pastor Sam Vance We Need Revival
03/04/2012 Pastor Sam Vance Revive Us Again
02/26/2012 Pastor Sam Vance That Saints Grow Up
02/12/2012 Pastor Sam Vance A Heart For God
02/05/2012 Pastor Sam Vance When We Sin
01/29/2012 Pastor Sam Vance Looking For The Willing
01/22/2012 Pastor Sam Vance Stay In The Race
01/18/2012 Evangelist Dale Vance Center You Life On Christ
01/15/2012 Pastor Sam Vance Victory For Christians
01/08/2012 Pastor Sam Vance He IS My God
01/01/2012 Pastor Sam Vance Looking For Jesus

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Pastor Sam and Brother Dale preach daily on WMLJ radio. To listen to some of these messages, click here. These are short messages of about thirteen and a half minutes each.

One of the missionaries our church supports is Evangelist Dale Vance. We have recorded several sermons by brother Dale when he is at home with us. Click Here to learn a little about brother Dale and to view a list of, and listen to some of his messages.